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  1. (unseated) fuses?

    I'm at 30K miles and I checked my fuses (again). Yes, I had to seat a few fuses even though I do this at least once a year. This isn't a big deal and should be part of any maintenance schedule. I check the fuses on my motorcycles and yep, I have to occasionally seat a fuse or two. Nothing to...
  2. Taking your dog in the Jeep.

    That's an old photo but does reflect her personality. She's at an ideal weight now (76 lbs) and our veterinarian is thrilled by her weight loss. We run her daily and she looks years younger now. Thanks for sharing advice and your concerns, too. Dogs, like Jeeps, are important to our own...
  3. Taking your dog in the Jeep.

    Excellent! Thanks for the tip!
  4. Taking your dog in the Jeep.

    Thanks - I appreciate the great advice. Good food for thought. I hadn’t considered just hanging out in the Jeep with her in the driveway. She does respond to treat rewards when learning new behavior. Definitely worth the effort! Again, thanks for commenting. 👍🏻
  5. Windshield glare

    Thank you sir! Exactly what I needed to see - what it would take to replace the trim ring. Much appreciated!
  6. Taking your dog in the Jeep.

    I’ve tried netting between the front seats with moving blankets on the rear seats, folded down, dog bed tossed in. I’ve tried the hammock setups with side door protection. I’ve tried the strap that belts the dog in to the seat belt to limit movement. All of this and what I’ve seen other in...
  7. auto start from keyfob

    Additionally if you are low on fuel (low fuel light) remote start won’t run more than a minute or two. It does shut off normally after I think, 15 minutes. It’s great for winter starts - turns on the heated driver seat and wheel as well as climate control provided you have those options. Cold...
  8. Windshield glare

    Yep, same problem here no matter how I adjust the steering column. I thought about using electrical tape, too. Is it the Willys edition with the blacked out interior trim? That wheel trim is not shiny. Haven’t seen a part number for it yet. Sunglasses and looking past it work for now...
  9. Texas Jeep JL Upgrade Rubicon Wheels DFW

    Still have these? PM me.
  10. was there issues with the 2018-2019 Turbo 2.0 engines?

    The 4.0 had the best sound. Never felt that way about the 3.6. Ever driven a 2A? Now there's a tractor... :D
  11. was there issues with the 2018-2019 Turbo 2.0 engines?

    With leather seats, too. I can dig it. Good times!
  12. was there issues with the 2018-2019 Turbo 2.0 engines?

    I'm about to crest 30K on my '19 Sahara. All shiny - especially in the mountains on the trail. Impressive and smooth, too. Entrance ramps are going to get me into trouble one day. Could just be my ears but I think the exhaust is maturing into a deeper tone. No regrets...
  13. Poll: primary reason you are purchasing a 4xe

    I would rather vote all of the above. Icing on top of the fact you're buying the best Wrangler ever.
  14. Help the Noob, please.

    The trailer tow group comes with HD electrical and the 4 auxiliary switches. Get the cold weather group, too. Have fun!
  15. Wrangler Unlimited Sahara vs Rubicon

    Trust your instincts and buy the one that speaks to you. So I looked at the two trim levels and went Sahara because it can do 90+% what the Rubicon can do. All my Sahara lacks are the lockers and swaybar disconnect. You cannot lose choosing either model. They're great Jeeps and can do it...
  16. 2019 Sahara stock tires (255/70/18) best PSI

    Like Aldo said, 2019 Sahara door jam sticker says 36 psi. That's what I set the tires at cold and run them. All good. Smooth ride, no issues. Works well off road, too.
  17. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    I did. I am steady at a 23 mpg average. I’m running premium year round but know I don’t have to. I will run non-ethanol premium when I can but it isn’t found on my side of town yet. Pre-20K mileage was 18-20. I noticed the exhaust note is maturing, too. Best heard with the radio playing at...
  18. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    I see a difference (slight) in using 91 non-ethanol premium but honestly, it runs well on 87, too. It’s tough to find anything higher than 91 but you don’t need it. My dirt bikes, that’s another story!
  19. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    27K now and NO issues, very glad to have the cold weather package! This Jeep loves weather, even the sub zero kind. My opinion may change when we transfer to hail season but no regrets. My 4th Jeep and the best one yet! The limited slip works really well in the snow - haven’t needed 4H so far.
  20. Cold start sputtering

    26K here & the Jeep sits overnight in the driveway. No issues.