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  1. Should I use wheel spacers with my lift?

    Thanks for sharing that photo! makes me think that 1.75” spacers might not be too much afterall. On a Jeep with no lift I think that’s too big of a wheel spacers but might be ok on a lift. and yeah it’s not a forever thing but I likely won’t replace the tires until their life is up.
  2. Should I use wheel spacers with my lift?

    Hey everyone newb over here so go easy on me :) I'm wanting to put a 2.5" suspension lift on my 2020 Willy's 2 Door. I was thinking of also adding some wheel spacers to give it a more balanced, aggressive stance (aka, not looking like it's on tiny tires). I'm keeping the stock tires A) because...
  3. Let's see those lifted 2 doors...

    What size lift did you go with? Did you put wheel spacers on it at all? I'm thinking of lifting my Willys but will be keeping the stock tires until I need new ones.