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  1. Jeep Safari Week - 2021

    We're camping at Ken's Lake BLM campground. With spring break and Safari week, we didn't want to take a chance on driving around looking for a site (we will have our 3 kids with us). This will be our first real offroad experience so probably taking it on the easier side.
  2. What are your plans for 2021 Jeep Adventures?

    We will be there, camping at Ken's Lake - hitting up national parks mostly. But bad news - EJS just got cancelled:
  3. Jeep Safari Week - 2021

    We will be there 3/26 through 4/3 although primarily doing national parks.
  4. What are your plans for 2021 Jeep Adventures?

    We will be there in our JL Sahara towing our Taxa Cricket. Camping at Ken's Lake for $20/night
  5. Beginner offroad mods for Utah trip for JULS?

    Hi folks. We're driving our stock 2020 JLU Sahara to Moab, Utah for spring break with the kids, towing our Taxa Cricket RV. The plan is to check out some National Parks. But we just realized it's over Jeep Easter Safari week which has got us thinking about trying off-roading. This is a daily...
  6. Price on North Edition Sahara?

    Put our deposit down. Will see what they give us on the trade. But yeah.
  7. Price on North Edition Sahara?

    Any thoughts on this offer? 2020 Sahara North Edition, billet silver color with Tow Package, LED lighting, Safety Group, Advanced Safety Group, 8 speed automatic, 2L eTorque engine. Dealer offer is $40,853 (sticker is $49,750).
  8. JLU and JL Interactive Pricing Worksheets Updated for 2019! 1-8% below invoice pricing added.

    I looked a few times and may have missed it, but is there a similar Excel for 2020? Sorry if I missed something obvious.
  9. Thoughts on price of used 2018 Rubicon Unlimited

    I'm looking to pick up a gently used Wrangler Unlimited in the next few days. My local dealer has a 2018 Rubicon Unlimited with about 23,500 miles on and with a lot of the option packages I am interested in (Safety, Infotainment, Towing, Cold Weather) and is listing it at $43900. The options...
  10. Confirmed: Tread Lightly Discount (Affiliate Rewards Program) Applies to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

    Thinking about using the $1000 exclusive offer that came in the mail on a 2018 Sahara. I just realized my Tread Lightly membership ended a few weeks ago. Doh! Anybody know if you renew online do you still have to wait 30 days to take advantage of the discount?
  11. $1,000 BONUS CASH ALLOWANCE (Ends April 30th)

    I got the same flyer in the mail and my kid threw it away! Will a dealer honor it without the mailer?
  12. Chicago Area Dealers

    Thanks for starting this thread. Was just at Napleton's Northwestern on Western & Peterson this afternoon I was hoping they would have some Rubicons on the lot but all they had were Sport models. This would be my first Jeep purchase so any tips are welcome. Sounds like the best play is to...