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  1. Service traction control & stop/start unavailable

    Interesting. A vacuum leak? I'll go over all teh connections with the brakes. I don't think it is interconnected, but???

    I get the Start-Stop not working along with the Traction control or anti-skid warning light in stop and go traffic. I also had to add a charge line from my RV as the battery in the Jeep died after being towed about 700 miles. The lights are powered from the RV and the brake draws zero power...
  3. Service traction control & stop/start unavailable

    I get both these messages in my 2.0e. Not off road, not in 4H or 4L, just driving along, usually stop and go traffic, no always. Shut down, restart no message and lights cleared. I have had a dead battery issue while towing behind my RV. Not supposed to need a charge line, teh brake system I...
  4. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    Update. The RVi Toad Charger has arrived and is installed. We shall see. And on a somewhat related note. I HATE METRIC! Had to go out and buy three different small packs of different size bolts and nuts to get it installed. I THOUGHT I bought an American Icon here! If I wanted Metric I'd buy a...
  5. JL resale values are insane!

    If anyone wants a 2018 Sahara set up with an AIrForce One brake and Blue Ox baseplate.... For enough money I could be convinced. 37,000 miles prox. Would consider a trade for a Gladiator Rubicon, or a Diesel Unlimited. Other possibilities are a Ford f-150 Super Cab 4 x 4 or similar. Must be able...
  6. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    I have ordered the RVi charger. Only doing that because I am concerned about boiling a battery. ALso new or maybe connected issue. The Auto Start/Stop and traction lights come on from time to time. Stop, restart, messages gone. Lights out. Might be weeks before they light again. Sad.
  7. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    I will give teh test a 10-15 minute try to see if it truly goes to sleep. I am also goiong to hook up my dash cam so I can watch the dash, well actually record the dash ans whatever happens while we are underway. I just did a 4 hour tow, no issues with the charge line installed. The tail lights...
  8. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    Not sure I understand. I shut the Jeep OFF, nothing should be on when I tow. The Ignition is in the OFF setting. However, apparently the darned thing 'Wakes Up' every time you hit the brakes! This is a drain and over 6 hundred mile two is apparently enough to kill the battery. Perhaps there are...
  9. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    Well, while I agree, one probmem if you have a total disconnect is that your EConnect will also flatline. I just added a #10 wire from the plug to the large battery positive. I also installed a 30 amp diode to keep it one way. Had similar in my Jeep Liberty. That one was SUPPOSED to have it all...
  10. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    I see, my previous system was electric, the AF-1 is not.
  11. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    What brake system do you have? We have an AirForce One, never had an issue until this year. I ded add a charge line. I may upgrade to a Toad Charger.
  12. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    OK, I just got back from the dealer. THey could not find any issue except a minor elevation of parasitic draw. AF-1 draws no power. SO I parked, opened the window, closed the door, the Jeep is NOT connected to the RV. I waiteed until the lights all went out plus another couple minutes, got a...
  13. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    I will give this a try, but wiht an AirForce One Brake is it AIR operated, not electric, so at most there is a minor draw for the LED indicator and perhaps for the tail lights IF they are powered with the ignition off. They are connected via a diode to the RV lights.
  14. JLUR battery flatlining when flat towing

    OK, I am the ?Proud? owner of a 2018 JL Sahara with the 2.0e. We have an AirForce One brake installed. I tow behind my Diesel Motorhome. The AF1 requires not power to work except for arguably the LED Indicator light. The tail, running and brake lights are all powered off the coach with a diode...
  15. Battery light on - battery saver on?

    Just had two full on dead battery issues in the last 10 days. We tow our JL, one of the main reasons we bought it. Nevefr had an issue before. This time we hooked up in Harrisburg PA, towed it through Franklin, MD, Rocky Mount, NC, to Augusta, GA, DEAD. Jumped it, towed on down to Perry GA...
  16. Extra Fuel Tank

    All, I think you all very much. At this time knowing about where I'll be, I am not going to proceed with this project. It may still happen later, but we will not be all that far off the track this trip. I just am not ready to spend the serious money I need to in order to do this up right for a...
  17. Extra Fuel Tank

    No roof racks, and the rear gate is only rated for 85 pounds INCLUDING the spare, that leave very little additional. 10 gallons of gas is somewhere north of 70 pounds without the cans or carriers.
  18. Extra Fuel Tank

    2018 JL Sahara, I am looking for a way to carry an extra 5-10 gallons of fuel. I really do not want to spent $1000.00 for this as it is not going to be used regularly. Planning a trip out west where we will be riding out some trails and the like and I'd feel more comfortable with some extra range.