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  1. Texas Mopar Auxiliary Switch Bank (82215190AB) plus cabin and oil filter

    I have a never installed Mopar Auxiliary Switch Bank new in the box that I never got around to installing. I also have an oil and a cabin filter I'll throw in with it. I no longer have my jeep so I'm clearing out the garage. $275 Shipped USPS
  2. WTB Painted fenders in Firecracker Red

    Bro that post was two years ago
  3. Jacking up a lifted Jeep This is the one I have: it says from 11 to 21 inches. Even if you got a flat you could Jack from the frame, maybe even start with the stock Jack and then go from there with this unit. My stock scissor jack broke though the...
  4. Jacking up a lifted Jeep

    This is what I take with me on trips and use in the driveway. Quick and easy to use. I store it in the box and throw the box in the back when I go on a trip out of town.
  5. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    So has anybody gotten this replaced that's over 36,000 miles? BS that it wouldn't be fixed considering it's something they completely f'd up on from the factory. This should be a safety/recall fix. My steering is all over the place, has been since new, but apparently since I lifted my jeep...
  6. Adding DRL to a JL Sport Altitude

    Yep. They work great! I put painted Rubicon LED fenders on my sport:
  7. Adding DRL to a JL Sport Altitude

    Correct, but he asked if he could add them. So the way to add them would be to pickup Rubicon or Sahara LED fenders and get a Tazer JL.
  8. Adding DRL to a JL Sport Altitude

    The new update to the Tazer JL allows activation and use of LED DRL's on a sport.
  9. Dealership had an AEV built Jeep

    I wish I could actually buy that bumper. I've been waiting two years for it to come out it seems
  10. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    So even though I have 40,XXX miles it looks like the paint/body is covered to 100k miles? I need to head to a dealer then.
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I just noticed it on my hood. Damn
  12. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Finally the rain is gone
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    How does it steer with the upgraded suspension items? I've read enough negative items about the sector shaft brace but am really considering that track bar. Would like to tighten up my steering. I have the same shocks and like the ride but need to get rid of some steering slop.
  14. Texas 2018 Rubicon Upgrade wheels

    I have 5 upgraded Rubicon Wheels for sale. Comes with 4 center caps. $250 No TPMS, No tires. Just rims. Located in North Houston, TX
  15. How do you keep steel bumpers looking shiny?

    Awesome. Thanks guys
  16. How do you keep steel bumpers looking shiny?

    I have an ARB bumper that came with very nice deep black lightly textured paint. While installing I noticed in the instructions it stated to apply carnauba wax every six months to protect the paint. I washed and dried the bumper twice before I got around to waxing it and it kept the nice finish...
  17. Dead JLR 2.0 - post installation of MOPAR LED kit

    Sounds like what happened to me when the row of fuses on the side of the rise box blew when my socket wrench touched the other terminal of the battery when tightening a bolt.
  18. I finally joined the “My Jeep Suddenly Died” club [main battery was the culprit]

    Both mine died 600 miles over factory warranty. The small battery was a pain to replace.