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  1. FCA just cancelled my warranty because of "aftermarket stuff"

    Can they "cancel" the entire warranty? No. You're right, they can't cancel the entire warranty just because of the mere existence of aftermarket parts. However, they (the manufacturer in concert with the dealer) absolutely can issue a block on the related portion of the factory warranty if...
  2. Depreciation on loaded '18 JLUR - sale/trade-in experiences

    With a few notable exceptions, this is mostly true with any car -- the older a car gets, the less worth the options will add to the value. Major optional items, such as a hard top (Wrangler), air conditioning, automatic transmission in non-sportscar models, still command a good premium in the...
  3. Depreciation on loaded '18 JLUR - sale/trade-in experiences

    27k cash or “on trade”? Assume you mean “cash offer” as “Trade in” values have so much slop that the figures are practically meaningless.
  4. Depreciation on loaded '18 JLUR - sale/trade-in experiences

    Hopefully you weren't foolish enough to pay MSRP. Calculate the depreciation from the typical selling price of invoice or even lower on your JLUR (probably $50k is about what a real selling price is for a $56k MSRP JLUR these days), and then get back to us. Think about it -- if I can get a...
  5. Insurance rates: Manual vs Automatic

    I can't speak to all insurance companies, but there is no 'auto/manual' difference with State Farm. All they care about (from the vehicle perspective) is Year, Make, Model, Trim (in this case: Sport. Sahara, Rubi), and, occasionally, if the vehicle has some sort of crash-monitoring...
  6. Any small lockable storage options yet?

    My issue with it is that instead of it being a lockbox that is, in fact, a metal box with a metal locking lid as was the case with previous Tuffy console lockboxes, the Tuffy JL "lockbox" is only a steel locking *lid* being added to the existing plastic console container. To me, a thin plastic...
  7. Any small lockable storage options yet?

    Can you still reach the keypad/unlock buttons on the side of the box? Looks too tight to reach in the pics, but maybe it's just the angle?
  8. How can I tell if my Sahara has the limited slip rear axle?

    Have you tried going to this website and entering your VIN? Works for me... EDIT: Beat like a rented mule by Johnparjr's post!
  9. Damper replaced and still have the Death Wobble

    What mods have been made to your JL? Lifts? Tires? Death Wobble on totally stock low mileage JL's is not unheard of but it is much more common on modded Wranglers. List of mods might be a good way to elicit more helpful responses.
  10. Third Part Fob size

    Someone will 3d print a smaller, non-metal-key-containing replacement fob case at some point. It's just too easy. Scan existing case halves into an STL file. Edit the STL file: trim off metal key section and other extraneous area, insert new holes to fasten halves together, Print STL file...
  11. Third Part Fob size

    The fob could have been notably smaller if the metal key would fold flat against the case side instead of 'knife blading' into the case on its edge. If Jeep would have made keyless entry standard as it is on almost every other new car made, they could have ditched the folding key 'feature'...
  12. HOT TAKE: Roof Top Tents are Lame and "Overlanding" is a Fad

    Ohhh... that explains it. I avoid Twitter & Facebook like the plagues that they are.
  13. "GPS Antenna Input" on Sport S Tech Group?

    Still a mystery. If someone knows, they ain't sayin'. ;)
  14. HOT TAKE: Roof Top Tents are Lame and "Overlanding" is a Fad

    Your Sarcasm Detector needs new batteries ;) And I honestly never heard of the "HOT TAKE" tag until now. I spend a good amount of time on a few forums but hadn't seen that before. Always something new...
  15. HOT TAKE: Roof Top Tents are Lame and "Overlanding" is a Fad

    OP, ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, other people might like to camp/spend time outdoors in a manner different than you? And, just perhaps, that is what freedom is all about? STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE!!!
  16. Any small lockable storage options yet?

    Thanks! That looks pretty good. I wish they would post their installation instructions online... I'd like to see how it mounts and fits together (says that it "must be assembled inside the console", so I'm curious).
  17. Any small lockable storage options yet?

    Any small, lockable steel storage compartment options available for the JL interior yet? Something like: * A lockable under seat steel drawer like the one that is made for the TJ and JK. * A lockable steel center console insert . No, not the Tuffy JL console product... Tuffy really dropped the...
  18. Frost on the dash

    I saw that a few times when I lived in the upper midwest with my TJ. I doubt I'll ever see it here in southern Nevada. ;)
  19. Any Rubicon owners NOT planning to install lift/tires?

    Should have an option for "Bigger tires, no lift" since we can get to 35" without requiring a lift, so I'm thinking lots of owners are choosing that middle ground.
  20. With Mopar Lifetime Max Care no longer available, what alternative did you go with? (Received 12/1+)

    Ah... that is what I expected. Thanks for the clarification. Due to painful personal experiences*, I wouldn't go with ANY "3rd party" extended warranty (one that is not from, or backed by, the manufacturer.) Just go with one of the other official Jeep service contracts. Don't be afraid to...