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  1. FOLDING WINDSHIELD DIY instructions write-up (with video)

    Excellent thank you! The resources and info on JLWF continue to impress. :clap:
  2. Official 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Order Guide (4-Door JLU - U.S.). Order bank is open!

    Did you see the new Order Guide? It has Ocean Blue and Punk'n available now. Wouldn't be surprised. That's when the press embargo lifts on JL Wrangler reviews.
  3. Live: 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Press Briefing

    Jeep told this site that you can hang 35" tire on factory carrier -
  4. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    @JLWF Dealer Guy has said that the current listed estimated ship dates are generic right now. Probably means they're not accurate yet and may change.
  5. Veteran's Day Wave | Wrangler | Jeep Commercial

    Sorry if I missed this if someone posted it already. Bit late (was for Veteran's Day) but this is a great Wrangler promo spot! Can't wait to see the JL continue the tradition :captain:
  6. Ask-A-Jeep-Dealer Thread

    Per recent post by @JLWF Dealer Guy, late Jan - early Feb.
  7. Hello From Bestop!

    Hi Cassie, since you guys are OE supplier can you jump into any of the other top / powertop thread discussions and give us some insight or teasers? :like: Jump right in @
  8. JL picture thread

    Those and more pics from New Zealand were being posted at :like:
  9. Tread Lightly discount

    I'll keep that in mind. Does the tread lightly discount apply only to the vehicle price as optioned from the factory or would it also apply to any Mopar parts that the dealer fits it with?
  10. Tread Lightly discount

    @JLWF Dealer Guy Can dealers somehow refuse to sell you one because you've got the tread lightly discount? Let's say a dealer has just gotten the new JL in but it's their only one and they're hoping to make a nice profit on it but then you walk in saying I want to buy this one with my tread...
  11. Ask-A-Jeep-Dealer Thread

    Thanks! I've got a follow up question I thought would be helpful to put in the Tread Lightly Discount thread. Could you please take a look? Thanks again.
  12. Ask-A-Jeep-Dealer Thread

    If I'm understanding this correctly, it sounds like I should wait for them to hit dealer lots rather than custom ordering at this point if I want the JL asap? Can you confirm if Tread Lightly discount program will apply to the 2018 Wrangler Rubicon (even the very first ones to hit dealer...
  13. Ask-A-Jeep-Dealer Thread

    Question - let's say I wanted a JL ASAP and didn't prefer either custom ordering or buying off the lot, at this point do you think I could get one faster by ordering or waiting until they hit dealer inventory?
  14. Ask-A-Jeep-Dealer Thread

    Probably as we get closer to their production start dates —
  15. JL/JLU Wrangler 2.0L Turbo Gets 368 HP (Source: FCA docs to NHTSA)!

    No way the latest 3.6L Pentastar which only got a 5HP bump in the Grand Cherokee somehow managed to squeeze out 80+ more HP for the Wrangler application. Not unless they strapped some forced induction on it, which they haven't.
  16. JL/JLU Wrangler 2.0L Turbo Gets 368 HP (Source: FCA docs to NHTSA)!

    That means the Hurricane will be 2nd most powerful turbo-4 on the market, only behind the Mercedes GLA45 AMG :surprised::clap:
  17. Ran into the JL commercial shoot in Colorado!

    New member of the year :) JLU in the distance and topless JL 2-door under the green covering?
  18. Jeep JL Called "Chief" and not "Wrangler"?

    Bunk. :facepalm: No way in double hockey sticks they abandon the revered Wrangler name just because of a 3-4 month overlap between the JK and JL!

    Both are export models (fenders reach bumper and protruding front bumper). The green on the JLU resembles Electric Lime Green.