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  1. Uconnect keeps crashing and rebooting

    After being "OK" for quite some time, mine has started doing this again with a vengance! I guess decent timing since I have 10k left on my warranty. My jeep will be at the dealership everyday this happens until they can fix this pos system, it's crazy that this keeps happening. This will be...

    Well I haven't driven much this year due to WFH. I will probably end the year with around 83,000kms. (bought March 2018)
  3. Tire carrier brake light dilemma

    Thanks for confirming the light contacts the wiper, I thought I did something wrong! What an overight by how ridiculous. Damn
  4. Caster adjustment and centering steer wheel

    Hi there - not having much luck finding info on adjusting caster and recentering my steering wheel. Can anyone please let me know where I can find this? FYI just did a '75" level with spacer. Thanks!!
  5. 1" Front Spacer?

    I just did a .75" and am very happy how it turned out, used Rugged Ridge 18360.04 3/4"
  6. Rugged Ridge 18360.04 3/4" Front Spacer works on a JL

    Found these on sale dirt cheap on amazon, noticed one of the comments said fits on a JL as well, tried it and it worked. VERY happy with the result and stance of the vehicle, exact level I was wanting.
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    New General Grabber ATX tires, plus a 3/4" coil spacer up front!
  8. Largest Tire on JLU Sahara - Stock Rims & no lift

    Hi there, after following this thread I decided on 275/70R18, and decided on the General Grabber AT/X, researched showed me it's a great all around tire, esp in winter/snow/ice. They were on sale as well so could not beat the value vs KO2's and Duratracs, my other two choices. No rubbing when...
  9. Alignment after level?

  10. Alignment after level?

    Hi there, I am looking at getting a small (.75" to 1") front level on my Jeep (coil spacer). One shop is telling me no alignment required after due to solid axle? Can anyone confirm for me if this is correct or not? Thanks in advance!
  11. 2018 Wrangler JLU reverse lights in LED tail lights not bright enough on ground

    Back up light is terrible, I added a small LED under the bumper and tied into reverse light @ harness incl with tow package, works great!!!
  12. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Loving this fellow CheaperJeeperTV videos on youtube!
  13. How to make 3rd brake light flicker?

    Thanks Gregj! Ah crap, got in touch with vendor and the $5 part incurs a minimum $35 shipping charge to Canada, eek. Found similar on amazondotca but appears these work with LED bulbs - can anyone confirm if the 4rd brake light on the JL is LED?? I do have the LED package, believe all my other...
  14. How to make 3rd brake light flicker?

    A lot of local Subi’s and JDM have their 3rd brake lights flickering upon touching the brake pedal - I like this. (Our local drivers love tailgating). How is this done? Is it a bulb or a relay, diode etc that does this? Any recommendation greatly appreciated. Cheers
  15. Hit the beach today!!

    Family didn’t allow me to go out any further. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!
  16. Steering CLUNK when very cold

    Hi, took my jeep to the dealership a few times for this. They did replace the front stabilizer shock and related components, sorry don't have the parts break downs. But I know the last time it was there they did the recall for the stabilizer shock and since then I'd say this has not been an...
  17. How May Miles on Your 3.6?

    Just hit 70,000KM's. Had to take mine in a few times for death wobble and uconnect gremlins but otherwise great! Mechanically perfect and actually impressed with fuel economy, daily drivability.
  18. Runners, what do you do with your key fob?

    I hate running with anything. I've just been leaving my key tuck in under the rear bumper, there are a couple psuedo shelves in the bumper itself, not far from muffler. Trail and error. If I'm in an area where I'm fairly certain it's safer and my jeep probably won't get stolen i've also left...