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  1. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    I would regret it, if I had a sport.
  2. Wrangler Rubicon 392 Ordering is Open

    @PaulwithJeep - Any idea on pricing yet? The ADM still apply on these do you know by how much?

    exactly my point why I don't touch up the ring. :LOL:
  4. Jack the JL, 2018 Punk’n JLUR

    @jackthejl Looks great!! I will be going to the EVO Longarm w/ KING coilovers soon from MC midarm kit. I believe once you buy the kit from EVO directly the coilovers are spec to the 4.5" longarm kit correct? Since you bought the coilovers first was that the reason of the harsh ride?
  5. What would you do w/ 12 days?

    install the front RCV axle shafts on the D44 and mount the 40 trail grapplers to my beadlock wheels sitting in the garage I actually have 24 days off starting on the 11th LOL.... So I will have a lot of time to sit around and potentially get the EVO longarm w/ King coilovers! ssshhh just don't...
  6. Rubicon Take Offs Worth It?

    yea the rubi take offs are cool if you are not wanting to upgrade to beadlock wheels

    just do sport cheaper... if not the rubicon don't spend the extras on the Willys ....

    I leave my beadlock ring scuffed up... less shit to touch up lol
  9. $500 to install bumper???

    Do it yourself. Buy tools. You need tools if you own a Jeep. Learn how to use them and be handy at least the basic bolt ons lol.... (wow)
  10. Aftermarket JL Lift Kit suspension options master list

    no.... not a complete kit @Robbyreneeward
  11. WARN JL Rubicon Winch Mount Plate and Zeon 10-S Install

    So after reading this thread and watching some videos here and there. I still decided to install the warn mount plate. It was everything that everyone said it would be LOL.... :facepalm: The reason behind me making this decision is the warn mount plate is pretty stout just a pain to install and...
  12. Warn Winch Discount

    Any deals on these things for Labor Day?
  13. Steering Upgrade Explanation for Dummies...

    Beefier steering is the difference. For aluminum set up, CAVFAB, which comes with steer marts ends. If you want strong steering I would wait till Currey comes out with their steering set up. The stock will hold up.
  14. Steering Upgrade Explanation for Dummies...

    You should be fine without the beefier steering components. Unless you rock crawl.
  15. Billy’s Build: Rubi Two

    "Eddies Mod" did not work for my 38" tires, they still rub. It looks like you cut into the bottom of the plastic inner. My tire rubs on the upper middle of the inner fender. I will eventually pull them off. Let's trail Rocky Gap