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  1. California MetalCloak Skid Plates

    You're correct, sorry wasn't aware of this. This will fit on a 3.6 on years from 2018-2020.
  2. California Rhino Rack Platform (just platform)

    72" x 56" Pioneer Platform Has 4 holes in it from being drilled for a Roof top tent (you can't see it). Could also add the FSR Premium RTT if i get $2200 for the set up. Asking $350 for the platform. Located in Whittier but may have to pick up in Pico Rivera.
  3. California MetalCloak Skid Plates

    Selling Metalcloak Underbelly Skid plates. will fit a 4 Door JL Rubicon with a 3.6. This will fit on a 3.6 on years from 2018-2020 No dents just wear on the Metalcloak Zinc Coating. Asking $800 Located in Whittier but may have to pick up in Pico Rivera.
  4. California 2018 Hellayella Jeep Unlimited Rubicon

    Before reading this, Jeep is still under a vehicle loan with the amount totalling approximately $35,000. I hate to sell my Jeep but unfortunately due to some personal matters I decided this would be the better decision. I bought the Jeep around April in 2020, It had approximately 9,000 Miles...
  5. Ca/Az suggestions with lakes/streams more "woodsy" type

    Thank you for the suggestion. We decided it'll be Arizona now were just trying to figure out where exactly. Thanks again!
  6. Ca/Az suggestions with lakes/streams more "woodsy" type

    Looking to do a trip in 2 weeks and I can go anywhere between 2 to 7 days. Would like something more dispersed and not too cold at night (less the 25 degrees). I'll have the Mrs and my 3 year old, really want something with a stream or lake nearby or something where she can explore. I know of...
  7. California WTB Rockslide Engineering Rotopax mount

    The spare tire one, thank you. I'm located in La Mirada.
  8. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    I Used my SpiderWebShade for the freedom panel's of my 2 Door JK to make a storage section above the rear Cargo area to hold mainly chairs and whatever you can think of. It should be noted this only works with the Rhino Rack Backbone plates. The main importance of this for me was to make sure...
  9. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    A little harder to camp with kids but we're learning from every trip.
  10. Roof Top Tent Rentals(Los Angeles)

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any Roof Top Rentals in the Los Angeles Area? I seen OffTheGRID Rentals but just asking incase someone knows of someone who may rent one out. Just need one for 3 to 4 nights. We want to try it to see if we would like to buy one for ourselves. Sorry if i posted...
  11. California WTB Mopar/Rhino gutter roof rack

    I'm located in whittier, thank you. If someone is trying to sell the rhino pioneer rack, i may be interested in that too.
  12. California OEM Hitch Receiver

    I know some people take them off and the one I bought is awaiting stock but I may just cancel it if I could get a OEM Receiver, thanks. I'm in Whittier
  13. California Premium black Sunrider Soft Top

    Asking $800 just need this gone, thanks.
  14. California Premium black Sunrider Soft Top

    Yes, this is OEM and it came with the Jeep from the dealership. I didn't really plan on shipping it though.
  15. California Premium black Sunrider Soft Top

    Still available, comes with all the complete hardware.
  16. California Hardtop Rear Glass

    WTB Hardtop rear lift gate glass for a 4 door. Thanks
  17. California Premium black Sunrider Soft Top

    Factory premium black sunrider soft top for the JLU. Great condition, it is dirty from a recent trip and i took it off in a hurry to pick up a hard top for a good deal. I could help you install, asking for $1000, don't plan on lowering the price. Located in Whittier, Ca Thanks