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  1. Smittybilt Stryker bumper - help

    awesome ... thank you very much
  2. Smittybilt Stryker bumper - help

    @aphillips76 thank you ..your jeep looks cool ..what light bar is that on the bumper? .. also do you have the pic of the spacer by any chance?
  3. Smittybilt Stryker bumper - help

    @aphillips76 thank you .. do you think a gen 3 12 k will fit this bumper and clear the fogs? Please share pics of your jeep with stryker bumper
  4. Smittybilt Stryker bumper - help

    @DigitalDiem i was planning on smittybilt XRC gen 3 12k
  5. Smittybilt Stryker bumper - help

    I have plastic bumper with LED fogs [email protected] you are right ..looks like there are two version's of LED fogs the one on the plastic bumper has different housing than the one on metal bumper . @Djhyper66 the picture of your led fog is from metal bumper ?
  6. Smittybilt Stryker bumper - help

    Hi Guys , Im planning to install smittybilt stryker bumper on my 2019 JLUR which currently has plastic bumper and LED fogs . Smittybilt description says bumper has options to fit OEM fogs without modifications but i see mixed reviews on that some you tube videos that is saw said fogs were...
  7. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    np.. its smittybilt tent
  8. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Yes i had to use longer bolt (2.5 inch i think ) the ones came with RTT was a bit short
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Took the doors off for the first time
  10. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    Mounted my RTT on DEE ZEE rack ...
  11. Cargo/tonneau cover with rear seat recline kit

    Hey guys I took the top off my Jeep today and was looking for a cargo cover/tonneau .I have a rear seat recline kit installed please suggest something which will work with the recline kit Stay safe
  12. 2018 Rubicon Tailgate issue

    awesome ... ill try that out today
  13. 2018 Rubicon Tailgate issue

    Hi guys .. hope you are all doing good . I'm new to wrangler ..i traded in my 2012 Grand Cherokee for a 2018 Rubicon .it was used with 15k miles on it. there is a metal on metal sound coming from tailgate area upon further investigation found that it is coming from tailgate latch . I searched...