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  1. Stupid Question - Why did Jeep discontinue the padding on the roll bars?

    Maybe the removed them with the introduction of the side airbags? Assuming this would keep people from hitting the roll bars.
  2. Beware of this product-it don't fit!

    Based on the photos it looks like the only thing stopping this is are the raised connections for the casters. Any chance approaching from the thinner side (12 inch side), and then turning the dolly to the correct orientation might work?
  3. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Looks pretty awesome! I'm excited either way. It took me a minute to figure out the extended lug solution, then I realized you had already outlined it in your installation instructions. I'm assuming the camera essentially rests between the front and back plates.
  4. “My other car is a...Jeep” WAVE?

    My other other “car” is a motorcycle so I’m pulling double duty subconsciously scanning oncoming traffic to wave at lol. Once I actually waved at a biker while driving the Jeep, lol. But when I’m driving my wife’s Kia I do get the urge whenever I see an oncoming Jeep. Haven’t actually done...
  5. California Los Angeles: Rubi takeoff wheels, tires, suspension

    Are you willing to sell the tires separately?
  6. Steering Fix TSB 08-074-20 Crowdsourced Dealership Survey. Add Your Experience.

    Dealer Name: Moss Bros. Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Moreno Valley City, State: Moreno Valley, CA Date Taken In (for evaluation, not specifically to do the work): 08/31/2020 Date Completed: N/A Did you buy your Jeep from this dealer: Yes Your Jeep has suspension/tire modifications: Yes, Mopar 2"...
  7. UC3 5 on display reboots constantly

    *Update* I just got back from having it in service. They were able to perform software update 1577 per Service Bulletin 08-84-19, so far I have not experienced the issue again during the 20 minute drive back.
  8. California Sport Bumper

    I have a sport bumper I just took off my JL (no fog lights). There is some minor discoloration that could probably be rubbed out with some Back to Black. I also have the splash guard, and the backside fog covers that I trimmed to delete the euroguard. Local pickup only.
  9. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Hey if still looking for people to test, I'm currently running stock sport tires with steel wheels.
  10. UC3 5 on display reboots constantly

    I’ve had the same issue for the last year. Took it to the dealer who told me it was a known issue. They said if they replaced it the new unit would have the same issue. I’ve been relying on Bluetooth ever since. Been hoping for a software update from FCA, but I don’t think that’s ever going...
  11. California FREE JL PARTS SoCal

    PM sent for the pipes.
  12. California FREE JL PARTS IN SoCal

    PM sent for the exhaust.
  13. California Quadratec Q9000 Self Recovery Winch

    Interested if still available. I'm out in Riverside and can pick up this weekend.
  14. ROAM JL Rock Rails (JL 2 Door, MK2) Install Guide - Revision 2.0

    Love mine so far, though they’ve not gone through any real trail wear as of yet. Several rains and washes since I’ve installed, and no signs of the rust issues that were reported on the previous version. I’d be cautious if you go the Deegan route. It looks like they mount to the body bolts...
  15. Red Dash Trim Damaged

    You can order the Red/Rubicon panels as a kit (Driver and Passenger Sides). P/N 6AB21SRRAA-6AB28SRRAD for $289 on AllMoparParts
  16. ROAM JL Rock Rails (JL 2 Door, MK2) Install Guide - Revision 2.0

    Mine were a little off when I first installed them too. Since there is a lot of play in the install locations until you torque it down, I loosened everything up and raised the front bracket until the bend at the bottom rested on the underside of the frame (I used a jack and a piece of wood to...
  17. Realistically how high is Mopar 2" lift

    Sorry, just noticed your response today. :( FWIW, yes I have a 3.6. It rides stiffer which helps with body roll, but will have you noticing bumps in the rode more. Casual comments from a couple of my occupants were "It rides more like a Jeep now!". They are definitely tuned more toward the...