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  1. Harshness between 3000-4000 rpm

    Does it sound like an animal screaming?
  2. This fell off, what is it?

    Factory worker's butt plug. They also come in white and yellow.
  3. New Owner (Noob question, what is this?)

    It protects the lens on your Adaptive Cruise from dirt, etc when you lower your windshiels. It can also be used as an ash tray in a pinch.
  4. Flashlights, where are you all mounting them?

    I'm waiting for the Mopar Grenade in the fall.
  5. I don't mind that folks ask me about my Atlas steps...

    I'm not feeling the Jeep love! Kick it up a notch!! Lol
  6. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    Again, thanks for putting up with all the questions!
  7. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    So after removing nut at green arrow....BOTH come off?
  8. Rock the Stock thread

    Oh yeah? Have you ever done THIS?
  9. 3.6L ESS Battery Diagram

    Can you then jump start the aux without removing pos cable?
  10. 3.6L ESS Dual Battery Consolidated Information

    If aux battery starts Jeep after jump...can i reconnect positive terminal while engine running or will electronics crap out?
  11. Whistling/wind noise with top down

    It stopped for me when i put an ear plug in one ear
  12. Driving in snow and couldn't see sh*t

    Mopar LED Heated Light Kit for JL $199 at Quadratec
  13. Yeti Cooler

    I wouldn't want to imagine what would happen without them. Glock on.
  14. Yeti Cooler

    If you are pro 2a why wouldn't you support NRA
  15. Yeti Cooler

    Yeti insert is 700 bucks
  16. Yeti Cooler

    Great cooler! Love it.