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  1. Can a dealer add 10k above sticker?

    Yes - it is, particularly for in-stock units. You can do better if you custom order (and get the benefit of getting exactly what you want).
  2. Don’t forget Bonusdrive money

    FYI I submitted by Bonus Drive application on 5/27 for my 4xE lease. Approved today. Surprise $250 back!
  3. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    My Sahara 4xE looked worse than that with only 6 miles on the odometer. I gave it a proper detail top to bottom at home because my own experience is dealer detailers can cause more damage than do good.
  4. Odd requirements at a certain dealership.

    Good to know. Crossing them off the potential list for the future lol.
  5. Burning smell (plasticy-electrical-kind-of) when engine runs (not when on electric) - new 4xe

    Plus one, I had it, too. Now at 250 miles and don’t smell anything anymore. My suspicion is stickers or tape somewhere along the cat or exhaust burning up…
  6. Odd requirements at a certain dealership.

    best bet is Dennis Dillon in Idaho it seems but I have no direct experience.
  7. What was your 4xe lease deal?

    the thing to understand with leasing is you do not own the car, so no, you personally are not able to claim any federal or state rebates (with some exceptions at the state level). However, the leasing bank can and will collect those rebates. The bank can then decide to pass some, all, or none of...
  8. What was your 4xe lease deal?

    Great discount, base MF, passing on the rebate. As they told you on leasehackr - sign it!
  9. What was your 4xe lease deal?

    This is correct. If you buy cash or finance, you can claim the federal rebate. Otherwise, for leasing, the lease company (whether CCAP or Ally) has the option to pass the rebate on in whole, in part, or not at all to be applied at the point of sale. CCAP and Ally, to my knowledge, are passing...
  10. New order/lease

    If you lease a vehicle you are not the legal owner, the bank is. Therefore you cannot claim it on your taxes at EOY. I just signed less than a week ago and the rebate shows on my contract.
  11. 64% to <1% in 6min - Normal?

    I drive up a couple large hills here in Seattle and can confirm that doing so absolutely smashes the battery.
  12. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Right on! Part of me regrets not springing for the Sky Touch, but I think I'd not enjoy it so much in the long, rainy, 9 month stretch of the year. Glad you were able to nab one!
  13. New order/lease

    There are several forum dealers that have been recommended (Gupton Motors, Mall of Georgia, and some others) that will potentially go as deep as 5-7% under invoice on an order for these. With the $7500 rebate on a lease that can lead to a pretty smoking deal. I just picked up my Sahara 4xE...
  14. Recommended Dealers List

    To be clear, it isn't right. Explanation or not. I get the distinct impression that Phillip was a one-man show in terms of these discounts with a couple sales people that he would feed the sales to (maybe $100 in commission) to handle the admin work; if you went through any other channel you'd...
  15. 4xe purchase and 1150 mile drive home

    Yep - I definitely am, but particularly the last 10%. Finding that the car is notoriously bad at predicting how long the last 10% will take to finish.
  16. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Thank you! We did - it was a wonderful trip and was definitely nice to swing by the dealer on the way home to pick up the Jeep. I'm really really impressed with it so far.
  17. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Couple days old. Picked up from Bud Clary on Sunday - Sting Gray over Saddle Sahara.
  18. Recommended Dealers List

    Just saw this over on 5th Gen Rams. FYI. “As of today Phillip Olson is no longer with Bud Clary. All current orders should be honored. I would like to thank him for all the amazing deals he provided to many of us on this forum. Philip is focusing on his other work of building houses. If you are...
  19. Recommended Dealers List

    Phillip’s pricing seems pretty consistent within models. Maybe just got a bad finance person.
  20. Recommended Dealers List

    MSRP $55,525, Sale Price: $49,200. No affiliate or anything in that price.