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  1. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    For anyone wondering about how these do in the cold, I cooked four 12 oz steaks and vegetables all at once in 16 degree weather Friday and everything was fully cooked in just a few minutes. Love this thing.
  2. Camping setup (don’t want a rooftop tent)

    If you lay it across the back seat, the armrests in the door might get in the way, depending on how the poles are laying. It will lay across the floor in front of the back seat and allow the doors to close without force, though it definitely is a snug fit.
  3. Camping setup (don’t want a rooftop tent)

    Nice setup. One day when all the kids are out of my hair... :) I fiddled with it a little more and found that I can get it sitting across the wheel wells, tucked under the roll bars if I fold down the passenger side of the back seat first to let me maneuver it into place. To unload it quickly...
  4. Camping setup (don’t want a rooftop tent)

    Just in case anyone is interested... I just received the new redesigned T3 (now called the T3X). I'm definitely happy with it, but the tiny increase in length means I couldn't maneuver it to sit across the wheel wells because it's slightly too long to clear the interior trim in the back of a...
  5. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Man, I just saw this and had to have one. We're planning a bunch of overnight trips for this year and this looks perfect! I think I just bought your last one out of the next run. :)
  6. Mirrors for when doors are off (trail mirrors)?

    I run the same setup here. Inexpensive and works great either doorless or with soft doors. Here's the original post on these:
  7. Solid Solutions to Rear Window Defrost Cable?

    My wife's '18 Sport had both cables detached when we bought it and the dealer repair has survived two winters so far. As I recall, the dealer used conductive silver epoxy to fix it.
  8. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    That’s awesome. Who ended up fixing it?
  9. JLUL Light Weight Bumper Options

    I don't think I've seen one lighter than the Rock Hard 4x4 aluminum bumpers. 34 lbs for the mid-width front bumper and 37 lbs for the full width version. The aluminum rear is 30 lbs. I run the mid-width front bumper on mine and I love it.
  10. Winch Recommendation - Lightweight

    Nope, it's aluminum. They give you some large steel bar stock pieces (glorified washers) with appropriate holes in them to take the force of the mounting hardware so you don't deform the aluminum, but the plate itself is all aluminum. The price tag is sky high, but I was trying not to lose...
  11. Winch Recommendation - Lightweight

    Not 28, but my mid-width bumper weighs in at about 34lbs and it has an integrated winch mounting plate. The full-width version is 37. The Rock Hard bumpers seriously are that light. That bumper also has an integrated skid plate, so you're removing the front steel skid plate too, not just the...
  12. Winch Recommendation - Lightweight

    If weight savings is your goal, consider changing out your front bumper, regardless of which winch you choose. The Rock Hard 4x4 mid-width aluminum bumper is about 50lbs less than the factory steel bumper. And that's before you add the heavy steel winch plate you'd need with the factory...
  13. Rock-Trac® Full-Time 4WD (safer on-road for teen?)

    Well just to add another opinion... if you're not planning to go off pavement with it, you may want to rethink the Rubicon. It sits a good 2-3" higher and has more sidewall than a Sport or Sahara, so it's going to be squishier in turns. If you're worried about your kid driving it like it's a...
  14. Guide to Two-Way Radio Services (CB, GMRS, MURS, FRS, Amateur) for the Trail

    Thanks, I missed that announcement this week. Looks like they haven’t scheduled an effective date for this yet. The bad news is that amateur radio licenses won’t be free anymore, but $35 isn’t too hard to swallow. I’ll update my original post with that info.
  15. Guide to Two-Way Radio Services (CB, GMRS, MURS, FRS, Amateur) for the Trail

    GMRS is a great fit for off-road comms, though as others have noted, the limited number of channels becomes a constraint in areas like Moab during off-road events. I was in the Ouray/Telluride area over Labor Day weekend and used GMRS to stay in contact. I don't think we ever had a single...
  16. Molle First Aid and Survival bags/kits

    Yes, but only some kits. Easiest thing I've found is search Amazon for "hsa first aid," or if you want to get fancy, "hsa first aid molle." I got this one a few months ago and paid with my HSA. Note the text that shows up at the bottom of the search results on Amazon - not all of them will...
  17. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    It looks like for an additional $65, you can find out whether you're going to get the tires without waiting for the future to happen....
  18. Used Rubi vs new Willys

    You don't think they have taco trucks in Toledo?
  19. Walmart Toyo open country m/t price mistake

    I'm either going to be filled with regret or relief at not jumping on this. Either way, I eagerly await the results of those who ordered.
  20. Georgie has past away "Make-A-Wish Event "Jeeps for Georgie"

    I'm a little too far to make it, but here's hoping the little guy gets more jeeps than they've ever seen in that town.