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  1. Recommended Dealers List

    I just heard he wasn't there.. His assistant is handling his orders
  2. Recommended Dealers List

    YAY, that is great news!! It will make me worry less when I have to pick it up next month. Aydin has been great answering questions after I put the order in!
  3. Recommended Dealers List

    Keep us posted.. Since I'll be there in a few weeks
  4. Dealer for Best Price on 4Xe?

    Did you see the post in the recommended dealer list.. Someone just left and had a bad experience picking their jeep up. I ordered May 6 so I'll be prepared when I pick it up
  5. Recommended Dealers List

    Thanks that is who I ordered from I'll bring my own financing....
  6. Whats coming in 2022?

    I ordered a 4xe Rubicon Wednesday. I asked about 392. They said they put an order in last week. It hasn't been accepted yet. Not a good sign. Check back next week to see if they could order but it would be a 2022. I thought the availability to order 2022 wasn't til June. This is a large...
  7. Recommended Dealers List

    Glad he reached out!! Good Luck
  8. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    No he kept replying he was busy, more than once. Then they reduced the offer of 1000 to 500 in between his text. They would not budge, even though he did not get back to me. So it is a no from me.
  9. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    Juan.... but it took too long to get back to me, I was passed around from Silvana, then AJ then Juan...very disappointed. They do have the best price in So Cal for sure. But I just can not with their customer service in sales
  10. Recommended Dealers List

    Any luck? I talked to him last night... Do you have his phone number??
  11. Rubicon vs. High Altitude Help

    the Moab made me laugh.. we were just there.... Seems like everyone has one
  12. $2000 Price Increase For 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    Yeah I had talked to someone just out of state in Nevada Saturday. She was pricing it Monday morning and got hit with the 1810 price. I did not realize the invoice price went up higher than that..... She said she will talk to the GM, but I am guessing nothing can be done. Unfortunately my car...
  13. Big price increases??

    I thought they said that was a glitch in the sytem?
  14. Rubicon vs. High Altitude Help

    Funny I thought I wanted the Sahara, but drove both.. I liked the Rubicon instantly... I think a test drive.. Even if they only have regular. A dealer here had the 4xe. My husband first said he preferred the Sahara as he was in the back.... But now says Rubicon all day long
  15. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    Yes he has been great. Rydell in California was not at all helpful. California rebate is only if you buy in the state
  16. Recommended Dealers List

    Not usually, but I am sure he is slammed, maybe send him a text?
  17. Recommended Dealers List

    I second Philip!!
  18. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    Yeah I got a great quote at Bud Clearly... I am just debating if I want to buy out of state.... still cheaper than with California rebate
  19. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    Depends where Washington about 6 1/2 under Rydell who I do not recommend in So Cal just under invoice. Idaho and Maryland also about 7% depending if you use their financing