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  1. 6 DOOR JL with Pics (Real)

    That's good work... look at the middle door. It's the length of the rear door, but the lower rear portion isn't cut as much as the rear door (looks better than the rear door on the JL).
  2. Wrangler 392: Looking to haul more than ass

    I bet they stop like a train, too
  3. Wrangler 392: Looking to haul more than ass

    Tow capacity is the weakest link between Frame, Suspension, Braking and Transmission (the motor's power is irrelevant... sorry!), so I'm going to say the flexible (for off-road) suspension is the culprit here. No matter what mods you make to get around the suspension (again... my theory), you...
  4. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    I went with an 80th Anniversary, because I don't need lockers and I wanted a limited slip differential for snow (and I liked some of the trim better than the Sahara). But, I have the EcoDiesel, so I did get Dana 44s with 3.73 gears (and added Rubicon Takeoff suspension)... if I was going with a...
  5. Small lift options for Sister's JL High Altitude?

    Yeah, make sure the Jeep is 'right,' before you change anything, because if they see something isn't stock THAT will be the problem, as in a lift caused the radio to stop working
  6. The dealership ordered the wrong Jeep!!???!

    That is a problem... the only thing you could do was wait until it showed up... hopefully you'll get your Rubicon soon
  7. Small lift options for Sister's JL High Altitude?

    Rubicon Takeoff suspension (just match the specs as best you can (top, engine, trailering package) There's a chart on here somewhere (lost my favorites) that lists the various spring numbers.
  8. The dealership ordered the wrong Jeep!!???!

    Stuff happens... the 'test' is how they respond... they didn't say "Jeep must have screwed up" and are giving you more off, so take that as a good sign. I'm still confused about how this could happen... you should be able to match your VON to the VIN (they are not the same, but some system at...
  9. Is this site Legit???

    I got it, but it had some defects (gasket and skin damage) that they sort of sidestepped, after they promised to replace it... that's why I won't deal with them, again.
  10. Is this site Legit???

    They're owned by Truck Hero. Bought bak-flip tonneau cover from them (they own that a many other brands). Customer service was weak (promised stuff, but didn't deliver). I would not buy from them again. Good luck
  11. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    Did you get new tires an/or wheels? If so, swap them with the Tires and wheels from your son's Jeep to eliminate that variable
  12. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    Ask the FCA case manager to arrange an appointment at another dealership (they should have a good idea about who's service department is good and who's isn't). I don't see how a shock would make it droop and a steering stabilizer would make it pull to one side (they're dampers), so I wouldn't...
  13. Help! I am thinking of selling my customized 2021 JLU so I can buy the 392. Where do I sell it for profit?

    What will the dealership give you in trade if you return it to stock form? (If that number works, move whatever mod you can to the 392 and sell the rest on Marketplace or Facebook). Carvana offered me a better price for my Tacoma, so that's another option. I'm not sure about PA, but Maryland...
  14. Backing Into Parking Spots: The Debate

    My wife always gave me grief about backing into parking spaces until she took a driver safety class at work (her company mandates backing parking in their vehicles)
  15. Anyone in the mid atlantic able to get me an old tractor tire?

    Call Rice Tire... The do off-road (commercial) tires and might have one
  16. Swapping Springs + LCA (NYC-Long Island - NJ) area

    You'll still need an Alignment afterward and from what I've heard the LCAs can be tough to torque on the ground, so I went to my local garage, which charged about 2 hours labor + the Alignment
  17. Southeast fuel shortage...

    It has in Maryland (Diesel, too), but there was a lot of panic buying, at least yesterday (no lines near me, but somebody at every pump... open pumps today)
  18. Installed the MOPAR trailer brake controller

    I installed the MOPAR trailer brake controller in my 80th Anniversary EcoDiesel... What a complete PIA. The module mount is a bear... My neck, back and hands hurt. No error lights, so good news, but does the trailer need to be connected in order for the controller to illuminate?
  19. What are you paying on your 2021?

    Before the order banks opened for the 4xe, Koons quoted 5% under invoice vs. 8% under invoice for the EcoDiesel, 2.0 and 3.6, so that sounds about "right." My local dealer matched the 8% under invoice if I'd finance through them (I could get 1.99% from my Credit Union)... As it was getting...
  20. 4xe vs Ecodiesel... Help me decide!

    I love the EcoDiesel (and no, I can't justify it rationally), but I debated waiting for the 4xe. Jeep isn't the most confidence inspiriting brand for quality and support, so, the 4xe is even further behind the EcoDiesel for getting everything sorted out. I'll probably go 4xe on my next...