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  1. How bad is registration in your area?

    do you know how SC or NC calculates the annual fee? W are hoping to move from Tax hungry IL to NC or TN. and have a new Rubicon and a couple sports cars.. Thanks...
  2. How bad is registration in your area?

    yup. IL also just increased the renewal plate stickers on utility trailers to $118 from $17. Personal plates over $200. arg!!!!
  3. Chance of punk'n returning?

    NOPE. I got screwed last May when my Special order Mojito came to Chicago dealer damaged everywhere. Just a shit job building and I assume the shop that installed the Sky One top were the culprits of most of the scratches and issues. Anyways while jeep offered to build a new loaded Rubi for me...
  4. Recommended Dealers List

    none! i searched for 8 months in IL and WI and was a huge waste of time. Jason Beltran can get you 5% with tread lightly. i did that deal back march of last year, but thanks to poor quality control and damage during transit i didn't buy from him. And Jeep was a complete waste of time trying to...
  5. New Orange Color?

    only reason i mentioned it was because they filmed the Gladiator Super Bowl commercial 10 min from my house..haha and i saw the Orange Gladiator roaming the roads
  6. New Orange Color?

    looks like Punkn to me, and i have seen a Gladiator in this color already.
  7. Chance of punk'n returning?

  8. Chance of punk'n returning?

    Here is the only Sky one I can find country wide....mojito
  9. Chance of punk'n returning?

    We got the Sky One on our Mojito... if I were you I wouldn’t settle.. plus the road noise difference is hands down better on a sky one. I just saw a loaded Bikini with Sky one in Chicago today. Looked great, but Mojito was are only reason for the upgrade .... I can tell you every single time we...
  10. 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited ORDER GUIDE (4-Door)!

    My last line says I got 11.4% off MSRP
  11. 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited ORDER GUIDE (4-Door)!

    after 8 months of banging my head on the wall and a ton of time wasted at dealers I ordered from Tyson motors in IL. Sure Criswell was 8% off invoice with tread lightly. But that was soooo far away from Chicago. So I settled on 5% off invoice. The $1000 difference is not worth the flight and...
  12. California 2020 JLU Rubicon Steel Bumper w/ Skid Plate & LED Fog Lights (SoCal / OC)

    It is Excellent deal for a local buyer! Only thing they will need is Riv nuts
  13. California 2020 JLU Rubicon Steel Bumper w/ Skid Plate & LED Fog Lights (SoCal / OC)

    Stupid awsome deal...... wanna drop it off? Road trip to Chicago....haha
  14. Best battery tender

    Cool... did you connect directly to battery so both get charged and maintained? I still have mine in the Cig lighter in cargo area.... Thanks
  15. Best battery tender

    So I hooked up the Noco to there Rear cargo area Cig lighter with adapter. Been plugged in for about 2 weeks.. and does seem to show solid green most of the time, than on occasion the slow flash green. I will check tommorow to see if I can make sure both batteries are being charged.... I was...
  16. Illinois Steel Front bumpers with LED Fogs. Brand new! $785

    Yes they are. Feel free to PM me and I can get you more info if you like These are at a dealership
  17. Best battery tender

    All I know is on my jeep it charged to green over night and was solid. The next day it slow flashed green. A week later I did notice it went to a solid green but later that night back to slow flash On my Camaro it took like 3 days and went from 25% up to 100%....then back to 50 / 75%. Finally...
  18. Best battery tender

    If it's a slow flash green its charged..and in maintenance essentially in battery tender mode. I also bought Cig lighter adapter and plugged into rear outlet near tailgate to charge/maintain instead of hooking up to battery directly. Been on for about week and a half
  19. Dealer Mistake In Lease Agreement - Wants Me To Re-Sign Contract

    resign, but loose the $1900 package.. a total waste, and you get 4 free oil changes and tire rotations with jeep wave....FREE fo two years
  20. Illinois Steel Front bumpers with LED Fogs. Brand new! $785

    Skid plate is a separate part. Not included. I think I paid $120 for mine. I guess you can use the plastic one if you already have a Rubicon.