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  1. How bad is this deal?

    Let me say it! SHITTY NO DEAL
  2. Ideas mounting Blackvue dashcam on JL 2019

    I sent photos, you will see that I used heavy duty Velcro but I also used pop rivets on the upper part of the Velcro so it would not pull away in the heat.
  3. Ideas mounting Blackvue dashcam on JL 2019

    Here you go, call me with any questions 704-618-2650
  4. Ideas mounting Blackvue dashcam on JL 2019

    I put it behind the mirror, used a rivet thru the plastic to hold the heavy duty Velcro then use a second piece on the Camera. You can not see it but can still remove it if you need to. The heat has in no way bothered it. It looks professional and gives a great view.
  5. Dash cams for soft top - What should I get?

    Blackvue is what I use, it hides well in the front and the back installs at the rear light. I bought 2 and just listed one in the market place.
  6. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    The grizzly is nice and you can get one with the JEEP on top embossed, less expensive yet it rates the same as yeti and it’s all made in the USA
  7. North Carolina BlackVue DR590W-2CH 1080p Two Lens Dashcam for Front/Rear with WiFi w/128GB Card $300

    Package Includes BlackVue Power Magic EZ & Power Magic-Pro Makes it easy to. Install. Also if you choose to I have 6 Fuse Taps that will be included, see photos. Also comes with 128GB memory card, you won’t find this combo package New Never opened for this price. The DR590W-2CH is a WiFi...
  8. North Carolina Free Brand New tires

    I have a tire that has never touched the pavement from my 2018 JK Rubicon Recon. BF Goodrich LT255/75R17 Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 I also have a second tire off a 2019 JL Moab Never on the pavement BF Goodrich LT255/75R17 Mud-Terrain T/A KM I maybe wrong on which tire came off of which Jeep but they...
  9. Jeep broken into and valuables stolen

    Doubt it, stand your ground here.
  10. Jeep broken into and valuables stolen

    Consequences that was the word that was supposed to be used however since we have spellcheck and sometimes it does not get the correct word that could not be helped, maybe I should’ve read it before I sent it. As far as your wife getting caught in the crossfire there would be no crossfire it...
  11. Jeep broken into and valuables stolen

    No chance, only one side of the story will be told
  12. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    I never go where guns are not allowed, they can get other peoples money
  13. Jeep broken into and valuables stolen

    Sorry if I offend anyone but if I found someone in or breaking into my Jeep, they are dead and I do mean Dead. They will not be wounded but at 15 rounds will be used, sorry if its your child that has problems but when you enter someone’s property uninvited there are conquests. I disagree that we...
  14. Dash Cam (for beginners)?

    On the photo of the rear, can you tell me what that is that is metal and the Jeep Carpet?
  15. Dash Cam (for beginners)?

    It’s not supposed to work unless you have it running so if someone were to break into your Jeep or you had the top down at night they will not be able to open your garage door
  16. This is why I have a dashcam.

    Bullshit, they are LEGAL in all states and are used everyday in court