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  1. Dick Cepek Extreme Country 35X12.5X17 Review

    I can say that on the road there is some road noise. But I’ve also rotated all 5 of them about every 5000 miles and they are wearing pretty evenly. Don’t have that uneven tread wear sound. Unfortunately I have not made any trips to the Texas hill country to a favorite off-road park there. So...
  2. Instrument Cluster Failure

    I have a 2018 JLUR and a couple of times over the past couple of weeks my cluster of controls for the AC/Radio controls has done the same thing. I'd start the Jeep and for a couple of minutes or so, that section would be dark. The volume knob would not turn up or turn down the volume. The...
  3. Yellow ESS light on and start stop not working

    I had the start/stop warning light come on yesterday also. I was stopped and start/stop was activated. I let off the brake (engine should have started), but it went into auto park mode telling me to shift into park. I shifted into park and restarted the engine. I was able to continue to my...
  4. Rubicon rear plastic bumper and tow hook

    @jlunoir Yes, I still have the red rear tow hook. I also see you are in Orange County. Is that California or Texas? I'll give the tow hook for free if you pay for shipping it to you.
  5. Death Wobble Poll

    In stock trim my 2018 JLUR (built in 6/2018) did not have any form of death wobble. Back in February a 2" lift was installed and metalcloak upper control arms and front and rear track bar were installed. Caster was set at 6.7. The Jeep drives straight and no issues in steering components.
  6. JL for a roadtrip??

    @Ksvette this is a good question you posed. I was wondering the same about long road trips. In September I am traveling from the Houston, Texas area to Ouray, Co. My Jeep is a JLUR with 2" lift and 35's. Longest I've driven it is about 300 miles down to South Padre. This trip in September...
  7. Rubicon rear plastic bumper and tow hook

    Is there any interest in the rear plastic bumper and red tow hook off of a 2018 JLUR? I'll give it to anyone if you are interested.
  8. TX DLR for big JLUR ORDER discount?

    Here is a recent review of Neil Carpenter at Demontrond from the "Texas Forum".
  9. TX DLR for big JLUR ORDER discount?

    I ordered mine through Neil Carpenter at Demontrond Jeep in Conroe, Texas. He also is a straight shooter with no gimmicks. I ordered in May of 2018 and got around 6% off invoice without tread lightly or any other program. And reading other posts from others who have ordered from him, that...
  10. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    We had a great time. Brett and Lindsey thank you for hosting this event. We look forward to more meetups in the future.
  11. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    My wife, daughter, and I will be there.
  12. Past and present pictures

    Stock and taking delivery from dealer Wheels and tires: first pic with new wheels (Quadratec '41) second pic with Dick Cepek Extreme Country 35x12.5x17 2" Rancho lilft along with metalcloak track bars
  13. 18 or 17 inch Rims with 35s no Lift post your pictures

    These pictures are from last Spring around March. 17x8.5 Quadratec '41 wheels with 35x12.5x17 tires (extreme country by Dick Cepek). Since then I've added a Rancho 2" lift
  14. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    @cktlarge I second this opinion of those wheels. The Jeep looks great. Are those similar specs as the stock wheels, or a wider wheel like an 17 x 8.5?
  15. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    I know it will be hot, but afternoon would work best for us. I'll be heading back from camp with my daughter that morning.
  16. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    What time will this shindig begin???
  17. Conroe, Spring, Woodlands and N Houston Area Chat!

    I'm going to try to make it out there for the meetup in August. Look forward to meeting some others in the area. Brett, Jeep has been great, no issues with the lift.
  18. Who is offering a Great Deal on a 2020 JL order?

    You guys in Texas might try Neil Carpenter at Demontrond in Conroe. He has been offering 5 to 6% off invoice on orders. Wouldn't hurt to see if he could give a similar quote on a 2020 order. I ordered my 2018 from him May 2018 and it was about 6% below invoice without using Tread Lightly
  19. Off-roading Checklist

    Check out "Ouray County Road and Bridge" on Facebook. They keep updates on roads and passes that they have cleared and are clearing. Also check "San Miguel County Colorado Road and Bridge" for updates about passes. I'm going to Ouray in September with Jeep Jamboree and have been paying close...
  20. LOD front bumper

    I do. I will upload a pic this afternoon. Stubby destroyer bumper is what I have.