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  1. Oil consumption 3.6l v6

    If anyone is still following - dealer said normal consumption is about 1qt every 3000 miles, so 1.5qts burned in 5k miles is about normal. Told me to keep changing at 5k and to monitor dipstick and top off if necessary but if it gets any lower than that i’d bring it in. guess i need to stop...
  2. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    My ‘19 JLUS 6speed w/ 3.6 V6 had the “hiccup” as well. I created a post here a while ago and described it as a “pulse”. Happened in 3rd gear, accelerating. Usually between 47-53mph. Happened for a while and then it just stopped. No idea what happened. I did have the initial recall for the clutch...
  3. question for the manual guys

    Like most others, i hardly see 6th. Just a bit unnecessary. I have a ‘19 sport s and never really leave 4th, unless im 65+
  4. Oil consumption 3.6l v6

    the dealer i plan to go to is where I bought my jeep from. I havent gone enough to build a relationship. Only went for my clutch recall and another clutch related issue. I cant say theyre the best but theyre one of the higher Yelp rated Jeep dealers so we’ll find out. Fingers crossed
  5. Oil consumption 3.6l v6

    currently have 20.6k
  6. Oil consumption 3.6l v6

    Old oil, roughly 3.5qts
  7. Oil consumption 3.6l v6

    Checked dipstick this morning w/o turning car on, it was just below the low mark. When i checked last night I couldnt see any on the dipstick, but I was able to wipe some off. So just changed the oil, ~3.5qts came out. Burned roughly 1.5 quarts in 5.6k miles. Checked while I was under and saw...
  8. Oil consumption 3.6l v6

    Hey y’all, sorry for bringing up this topic again. I usually change my oil every 5000ish miles and it seems like i’m burning a lot of oil. Theres maybe 3.5qts if not a little less that comes out. This time I’m at 20.5k miles, about 500 miles over my 5000 interval and i checked my dipstick -...
  9. Maryland Rubicon Wheels - Brand New - $600 Shipped ($500 local) REDUCED PRICE

    Received wheels. Great communication and helpful. 4 lugnuts went missing in transit but seller will be sending those out shortly, wont hesitate to buy from again!
  10. Are Sport lugnuts compatible with Rubi wheels?

    Hi all, just bought a set of 5 rubi wheels off a fellow forum member. Came with 19 lugnuts (4 locks) and the key. Seems like i’m missing a lug. Are the lugnuts on my sport wheels compatible with the rubi wheels ?
  11. Connecticut Rubicon Wheels on BFG KO2 285/70R17

    how many miles on these?
  12. Home made shift knob for manual transmission

    How hard is it installing these ?
  13. Massachusetts BOLT HOODLOCK

    Hi all, i ordered one of these Bolt hoodlocks and somehow two came in. Spoke with them and they said I could keep em! Or do whatever i want so i’ll be selling the extra one. I paid $130~. I’m looking for $100 + shipping. local pickup in north shore MA $100
  14. New Hampshire Rubicon Take-off Rims

    Are these still available?
  15. Tips on wheels+tires package

  16. Tips on wheels+tires package

    Thank you all! In regards to the wheels, do i need to do more research on any spacers or adapter hardware that may be necessary ? Or can these wheels just be mounted straight on?
  17. Maryland Rubicon Wheels - Brand New - $600 Shipped ($500 local) REDUCED PRICE

    What would shipping be to MA? 02118 to be exact
  18. New York Jeep JL Rubicon Tires/Rims/TPMS (Staten Island, NY) ($1,200)

    These should have no issues fitting on a stock JLUS w/ 6spd right? Not sure if regearing is needed for the jump in size from 245 to 285
  19. Tips on wheels+tires package

    thanks, i appreciate the insight and your efforts in answering my questions. Two more: would the 285s cause rubbing or anything of the sort? I still have the stock bumper and the fender liners between the fender and bumper. I do plan on upgrading the bumper but i was going to upgrade wheels...
  20. Tips on wheels+tires package

    thanks! I was debating whether or not i wanna get up to 285s. Trouble is, if i make that jump, will i need to regear? I have a 6 spd manual