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  1. GPCA Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Cargo Cover PRO

    I have a pair of the grab handles as well! Only in the front to replace the Mopar ones I never have people in the back they’re nice what I like over the Mopar ones is you can adjust and move them closer or further on the sports bar since they don’t use screws to secure like Mopar grab handles
  2. GPCA Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Cargo Cover PRO

    Nope no problems just drove 2 hours going 70 the whole way no top and no issues! Ended up tailgating and just took it off when we got there to hangout in the back
  3. GPCA Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited Cargo Cover PRO

    I got the pro and it’s worth the extra few bucks. A thicker material feels like a well build product no problems since owning it top on or top off
  4. 4x4 day April 4 2019

    Does anyone have any sites that share nearby 4x4 day activities? In San Francisco Bay Area. I thought I saw a link somewhere on the forums.
  5. JL Wrangler Rubicon "1941" by Mopar Debuts in Geneva [Updated With Show Pics]

    I would give up my JLU for that. Interesting no tow hooks on the front bumper.
  6. GPCA discount code

    I have the JL Cargo Pro and its honestly my favorite product to date. I have my sleeping bag, deepsleep4jeep, yeti, and blanket always on me. I highly recommend!
  7. Impromptu Christmas day Moab run

    haha no worries!
  8. Impromptu Christmas day Moab run

    What camera / window or dash mount did you use to take these photos over the hood? great shots and story thanks for sharing
  9. Do your doors look kinda wavy?

    I often thought the same thing you can see it in my photos.
  10. Check in here if your steering is good. Tight, No wander, No Wobble

    stock, with rubicon rims and tires. The only problem I have is right in the early morning I get on the freeway less than a mile from my house it seems to sometimes lock up. I live in California where its typically 40 degrees in the AM, still scary when you turn but the wheel doesn't move.
  11. Passenger Side Rear Seat Release Latch 2019 JLs

    I believe its only JLU, but I dont know what the rear seat of a JL looks like if its the same mechanic. good callout!
  12. Passenger Side Rear Seat Release Latch 2019 JLs

    Dealerships and Phone support call it "accidental damage" since everyone breaks it after one touch... we all must be pretty strong
  13. Passenger Side Rear Seat Release Latch 2019 JLs

    Jeep has refused to recall / replace the widely discussed and common problem of the 2018 JLs rear seat - passenger side latch breaking. I was curious if any 2019 JLs have seen this issue? Also what are my options? Jeep support won't replace it under warranty, and I'm not paying out of pocket...
  14. Frost on the dash

    maybe I should get back to work and get them to fit more snug I am just lazy! haha
  15. Frost on the dash

    That's a great question. I doubt they would action on it but they must have had a strategy change after release. Here is the video showing the difference between the two.
  16. Frost on the dash

    The original all weather mats didn’t come with the rubber gasket to seal the floor. They later added the rubber gasket and a crossbar in the hole.
  17. Frost on the dash

    do you have the Mopar all weather mats installed? They let moisture in through the floor plug cutout since its not sealed, its a widely discussed issue.
  18. Verify front license plate part #

    You’re correct there is no front license plate bracket for the sport. It screws directly into the bumper.
  19. WTS Factory headlights

    LED or Florescent?