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  1. Amp power wire through firewall

    I had to push very hard from the outside to get back in. Then I applied some silicone.
  2. Amp power wire through firewall

    Just did mine for installing the Rock Slide Engineering steps\rock sliders. Its just below\beside the master brake cylinder. You have to push from the inside of your jeep to pop it out.
  3. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    Installed .8 yesterday and now all the features seem to be working correctly! Thanks Joe!
  4. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    fyi - chatted with Joe yesterday and he indicated that the .7 release thinks that if you have e-torgue you also have a 4XE which disables these functions. He's working .8 release hoping to be out next week. Or you can revert to .5 according to him.
  5. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    I have been running mine now for a few days but still having some issues. What I see is that most functions work. I am still having issues with some non-menu items, eg stop\start memory, cool down, brake locking, etc. Any thoughts before I proceed with another unmarry\marry? Thanks!
  6. First time in sand. Silver Lake dunes MI

    I bought mine there last July. They have the tools to mount it you can use and they also have better flag poles. Been looking for one since mine got destroyed by my granddaughter on her 4wheeler, but can't find anything close to their quality,.
  7. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    Got some good info from Joe! Turns out it must be related to the fact I used MAC to update the mini. (MAC is CRAP) He had to give me an activation code which I entered into the serial# screen using the left arrow\cruise+-| cruise on buttons. I can see menus now, but some features didn't...
  8. Need that old blue/gray Rhino color - Paint vs Wrap?

    Nope not sure... just looked nice and it was rough surface like a truck bed liner. Details might be on dealer website.
  9. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    Yes it did. Hypertech was used only to change tires. They reverted back to the 33s.
  10. Need that old blue/gray Rhino color - Paint vs Wrap?

    I was referring to a Rhino paint job that I seen on the dealers custom. Looked nice for real. It might could be seen on Lake Norman Jeep website. I was a gladiator.
  11. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    Restarted process..... UnMarried tazer UnMarried Hypertech Updated to .7 release. Remarried tazer Menu items are still missing... Texted Joe. Not running menu only contains Perf TPMS Running menu is missing the 1st 6 items in the doc I am also seeing code 168, not 1168, and the initial...
  12. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    I will 1st turn off the autostart, change tire size, PSI, turncam on, nav in motion , hood alarm, pass remote heat, flash 3rd brk lt, cooldown mode, and probably rock crawl. This is my initial list. Will see how it progresses slowly after this.
  13. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    Un married, updating to 11.2.7, will unmarry hypertech, then remarry tazer.... Fingers crossed, thanks all!!!
  14. Tazer Mini installed over Hypertech

    I do agree, but was lazy and hoped I could avoid the process to unmarry Hypertech. Seems to be a pain as it requires removing the glovebox and I have never done that.
  15. Tazer Mini Issues for 1st timer

    I just installed my tazer mini with 12.2.6. I see now there is a newer version I somehow missed, but not sure if doing the 12.2.7 will fix my issues. After I installed I cannot see all the menu options I expected. For example, I don't see: set in-motion nav turncam hood alarm few others...
  16. Tazer Mini installed over Hypertech

    FYI- Just got a reply from support and much to my surprise they told me I did NOT have to uninstall the hypertech before installing my mini. Gonna try and see what happens.
  17. Tazer Mini installed over Hypertech

    When my dealer installed my 35s on my new 21 JLUR they also used a Hypertech device to adjust the speedometer. I purchased a Tazer mini for other features it has, but I don't know how to best approach installing it. Since the dealer installed the Hypertech should I just begin with my install...
  18. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    wow, that's crazy for such an expensive little tool.....thx for the response!