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  1. Florida FS: Roam Side Steps

    They are
  2. Florida FS: Roam Side Steps

    I rarely head North, heading to the keys this week but no trips planned up there for a while. If I still have them and do go up, can I PM you?
  3. Florida JL Rubicon Wheels and Tires

    Ooof, not sure why I was so special this morning, $800
  4. Florida FS: Roam Side Steps

    Roam side steps, non slider version. Steps are on good shape but one mount does have some surface rust, pictured but will be hidden once installed. LED’s seem to have gotten water in them so they don’t work but you can easily swap them out. All hardware included, will not ship. $175 Ft...
  5. Florida Duplicate - Please Delete

    Double posted like a noob, please delete as I don't see an option to and sorry!
  6. Florida JL Rubicon Wheels and Tires

    5 JL Rubicon wheels and tires, tires have 14,400 miles and one has a plug. Wheels are in good shape minus a weird bubbling by one valve stem, pictured (like this new). Tires have tpms and 4 center caps. 285/70/17 K02’s Ft Lauderdale, FL $800
  7. Quick Question, how long does it take to get use to the clutch?

    I don’t understand, the ESS makes you hold the clutch in for 30 seconds? Why don’t you just wait until you would normally press the clutch, ESS is quick. Other opinion is to just tap the clutch to engage ESS.
  8. JLU Rubicon Average MPG?

    I think it’s the manual. I have a sport but at 75 in 5th I was around 14.3 and in 6th, way under 14, plus I was having to downshift a lot. This was a four hour drive from south Florida to Central Florida on the turnpike with no traffic. The roads are pretty flat but the slightest incline makes...
  9. Side view mirrors for doors off driving suggestions?

    Just put my Rugged Ridge’s on for the first time and wow, it’s great to have a real mirror instead of the vent option. Driver’s side is perfect but passenger’s side doesn’t seem to get as tight, due to the direction they screw in. In tightening, I managed to unseat the female part within the arm...
  10. Emergency rain top

    Any updates on this? I have been waiting for the RainGear JLU half cover because it would go over the top in Safari mode but they never answer email. I have the Mopar one but as others have mentioned, not the best so I was debating on buying the RainGear Trail cover but don't to get it, if it...
  11. Raintop

    Anyone use the RainGear JK half cover on their JL yet? RG doesn't seem to respond to anyone anymore and just has the JL trail cover but I really want the half cover so I can leave the roof in Safari mode with the doors off.
  12. South Florida represent

    Corbett is fun, I want to head back out. Jupiter Jeep club members go every once in a while but if you have some others, I’m down. Last trip [
  13. Issue Bulletin: Soft Top Will Not Fold or Extend or Bows Bent

    Mine’s the same, I don’t think it is meant to be a super tough locking mechanism. Get some Velcro straps to wrap around the top, it sits lows, doesn’t flip around, and looks so much better.
  14. RPM’s with manual transmission

    I drove a rental JKU Sport manual last week and was amazed at how much better the clutch, engine, and MPG were over my JLU Sport. I know the Sport doesn't have the Rubi 4.10 so yours will be different but I was surprised how much I liked the JKU. The interior was lacking, no Sirius and no USB...
  15. PlastiDip What Did I do Wrong?

    It looks really good on my black JLU and it’s easy to touch up or redo. That being said, it’s been months since I peeled the door locks off.
  16. PlastiDip What Did I do Wrong?

    I’ve always wondered how people keep emblems dipped. I’ve done all mine and I am super careful washing them and they look ok. I never use the key holes so I figured I would do them as well but they all peeled within a few days.
  17. Show us your CUSTOM MODS!!

    Made some brackets to mount some JK LED headlights and blacked out my led bar.
  18. Side view mirrors for doors off driving suggestions?

    Finally got mine as well, 4wheel came through but it has been pouring in South Florida so...