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  1. Monache Meadows June 17-20 or 21

    Leaving either Wednesday or Thursday hopefully to beat the rush. Will prob leave there Saturday
  2. Monache Meadows June 17-20 or 21

    Headed out there next week if you wanna join
  3. Trail damage while Mall Crawling *video

    I don’t see this on the Jeep badge of honor trail!
  4. Long arm kit help!

    No complaints on my RK setup. Also running Rebels coil-over setup.
  5. Broken windshield while in dealer possession. Who replaces it?

    Which dealer is this so I can leave some bad reviews!!!!
  6. Am. Adventure or Ouback Tailgate Table

    Oh that sucks! Have you reached out to them?
  7. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    Thx! It’s actually powder coated in a color close to the body finish (granite crystal)
  8. What happens when the axle lock sensor fails?

    I wonder how many owners have re-geared and the dealer didn’t warranty the sensor claiming the re-gear as the issue!
  9. Where are you guys placing your switches?

    Center console for me
  10. ∞ JEEP BEACH 2021 CHAT ∞

    Coming from SoCal too, I'm real tempted to go! Who's down!?!
  11. Opinions on Rock Krawler Lifts

    Ran RK mid arms and now running their long arms. Been happy w RK!
  12. Borla or Magnflow?

    Borla S type here as well! For me, I didn’t want anything obnoxious exhaust sounds. Experienced plenty of those in my younger years! In cab noise is minimal especially in 7th and 8th. But once you put a heavy foot, she will get loud! Performance wise? Not sure since I’m on 40’s
  13. Is the JL the worst Jeep ever?

    Looks like you got a JL made on a Friday afternoon! Zero issues on my JL
  14. New Lift and suspension = stiff ride???

    Those Falcon shocks run on the stiff side. You can switch to the Fox mono's if you want that stock feel back. Otherwise, if you plan to offroad it, keep the Falcon's.
  15. Rear lockers in 2wd?

    Same here... no tazer
  16. Do I wait or get it looked at now?

    Take it in if it’s still under warranty. Their body shop will take care of it.
  17. Rear lockers in 2wd?

    Bad locker sensor. If you’re still under warranty, the dealer will replace the whole axle!! My JT is currently in the dealer for this issue.
  18. Fuel Storage Options

    It’s more risky carrying fuel in SxS/UTVs as the motors/exhaust are more exposed. For jeeps, not so much a problem. Just need to vent (rotopax style) frequently especially in elevation changes.
  19. Another fun Sierra's trip

    Had a blast as well!! Can’t wait to head out again!!! Any other Info regarding the broke down 4Runner?