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  1. 2021 Memorial Day Flag Rides

    Very cool. What flag pole's are y'all running?
  2. Fender flare turn signals out

    In theory yes. When I purchased my AAL DRL’s, I had the bulb out light even though I had the led package. As soon as I installed the AAL patch cable the error code went away.
  3. Fender flare turn signals out

    Those should fix the hyper flash.
  4. Clearlidz panoramic freedom top install and beat-down

    I know, big props to them for that. Not gonna lie, I’ve been listening to my Ghetto Boys CD’s since I saw the post.
  5. Clearlidz panoramic freedom top install and beat-down

    Haha. Love that Office Space beat down.
  6. Fender flare turn signals out

    You may need to use the taser to update your settings so it recognizes the LED drl’s. Otherwise, reach out to Barricade and see if they have a fix.
  7. Which of my 3 choices for a lift for my JLU Rubicon is best?

    I’ve been running the Dynatrac for a few years now, I have no complaints. Full disclosure, I’m a Jeep newb/weekend warrior so my opinion won’t be as good as members with better lifts and experience. As far as drivability, it’s fun to drive, the rig handles well on the street and has had no...
  8. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    That view tho. That’s something a overtaxed Californian like myself can only dream of.
  9. Trail damage while Mall Crawling *video

    He’ll yes. I’m being told it looks a little something like this.
  10. Trail damage while Mall Crawling *video

    So there I was guys, testing my new lights specifically adjusted for dark parking garages when a wall came out of nowhere. Lol.
  11. Monache Meadows June 17-20 or 21

    1 vote for the 17-20th.
  12. Monache Meadows June 17-20 or 21

    What date you have in mind?
  13. Quadratec

    Same here, I’ve never had an issue with Quadratec. Only time a part was delayed a couple days was because it was drop shipped as someone pointed out.
  14. Help with Final Wheel/Tire choice for JLU Rubicon

    I think the 701 in a 0 offset with the 35x12.5 would be a solid choice. But hey that’s just me.
  15. Which Shocks

    Agreed, that’s a lot of green. 3.0’s are all around awesome. I almost picked up a set but realized that it was going to be overkill for my weekend warrior rig. But if your thing is running high speeds thru desert terrain, or washboard roads they’ll be great.
  16. No more Billet Silver color

    It really sucks, looks like they phased out Billet. They may end up adding a different shade of silver but who knows.
  17. Out of state breakdown, repair issues run around.

    That blows, hopefully this gets resolved soon.
  18. How 'bout some Kudos for members that go well above & beyond to help us all!

    As a first time Jeep owner, I came on here with a lot of stupid newb questions to expand my knowledge and look at some awesome rigs but what became the best part was interacting with all of you. Can’t say it enough, lots of good people on here.
  19. AEV Borah- 8.5" wheel width?

    I was referring to the overall size of just the wheel, it’s listed at 17x8.5. I got the info from the specs online, and I recall measuring my wheels prior to installing them a few years ago.