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  1. Census: What engine is in your JL?

    Very pleased with the 3.6, and it's reputation for longevity.
  2. New Offroad Park in Texas

    No joke, guessing there are enough people in this area desperate for something close by that they're willing to for early access. Apparently its been open since early spring to members. When you factor in travel expenses to get to high quality offroad places from this area, and the time...
  3. New Offroad Park in Texas

    Hah I understand that, thats about as far as most places to wheel in Texas are for me! Starting in the summer they are going to have 30 something dollar day passes for offroading, and the camping seems reasonably priced given the area and what else you get to do there. I definitely want to get...
  4. New Offroad Park in Texas

    Hey all, I just discovered this today (Thanks Youtube!) and am VERY excited for it, so I wanted to share in case everyone else was unaware. Very close to me, which is rare in itself, but hopefully this does well and can be another big place for Jeepers to have fun in Texas...
  5. Can it be done, MT to AT?

    His mother, not the jeep lol.
  6. Differential fluid?

    Awesome, always appreciate your insight!
  7. Differential fluid?

    Oops.... So when I changed my diff oil, I saw a generic 75w90 front, 75w140 rear, so that's what I added despite having no tow package, etc. Any downsides to that, or can I leave it in until the next change? It's been going fine, but I'm a neophyte to this kind of stuff and don't want to cause...
  8. Apex AutoLYNX quick sway bar disconnect solution

    At least the pictures I'm seeing, the only color is the little knob on the very top, no? Could probably paint or plastidip that one part in no time so it's less visible in the wheel well. (Which is what I'm planning on doing, so please be my guinea pig and let me know how that works out haha)
  9. Muffler delete - Has anyone used the space?

    Wanting the same if I do this, might just have to end up taking it to some local shop to plan out some kind of fabrication
  10. New guy question That's one of the only options I've seen that's bolt on, though I've seen some custom fabrications people on here have done in the past to recess in the plastic bumper but I'm not sure what all went into it
  11. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    Finally had a need to do this when I backed my Jeep into the garage to change the Diff oil. Popped it into 4-low and and idled right up my steep driveway, thanks for the tip!!
  12. Purpose of ordering the Steel Bumper Group?

    To get steel bumpers :movember: :giggle:
  13. What gender is your Jeep, and...

    I crawled under there and saw a pipe so I guess that means it's a male. I always picture Jeeps as being the mountain goats of vehicles: small, nimble, crawling along the rocks to places few others can get to, all while making it look effortless.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Nothing fancy, but changed my diff oil. I'm only at about 7000 miles but figured I'd get the factory fill out and get ahead of any problems. I've never changed diff oil before, boy that is an interesting smell.
  15. Car Wash with softtop?

    I take mine through at least once a month, no issues, just don't do the higher washes with waxes and stuff, don't want it on your windows
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Replaced the factory antenna with a 7in rydonair. Huge improvement, got tired of the original catching on stuff then whipcracking the jeep when it unsnagged.
  17. Wrangler JL Clutch Vibration

    That definitely doesn't sound normal as you've described it... Do they have any other manuals on the lot you could compare to?
  18. Jeep Badge of Honor App missing trails

    This makes me wonder if somebody goofed and published a version that wasn't supposed to go out and spoiled that these trails were going to be added, or they were just things in a test environment that were never meant to go live. Hmm
  19. Are Sway Bar Disconnects a waste of time on a Stock Sport S suspension These are pricey, but work with no lift up to 2 inches of lift. Early impressions from people here have all been strong. Alternatively just unbolting and ziptying is a good free way to definitely increase performance!
  20. Ragtop partially removed?

    Yep, that's safari mode!