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  1. Doing an oil change with with aftermarket skids is a PITA!

    I have the Artec aluminum skids and went with the Fumoto drain valve. I chose to go with the F106S model so I could have good clearance, but still be able to attach a tube and be absolutely sure I could control where the oil was going to go. Here are some pictures for reference for anyone...
  2. Installing rock light under glow kit on wrangler

    I think Headbarcode had some good advice on location. As for screws, I've never been a big fan of self-tappers. They are easier, but they can be kind of sloppy and well, I might have a touch of OCD... lol Also have to consider the extra length of the screw tip and what else it might tap...
  3. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    On a different note, I recently got back from a trip to Moab. Ran pretty much all the difficult trails there on my 315's (a little shorter than 35's). Moab has no shortage of ledges and needless to say, my aluminum skids really got put through the grinder. Still very pleased with them. No...
  4. Artec JLU full belly skid reviews?

    Plenty of well placed drain holes in them, no issues whatsoever with water. As for mud, guess that depends on how sticky/chunky it is. If it's thick enough to clog up the drain holes, I'm sure you'll have issues with mud collecting on them. Just the nature of belly pan skids vs. the...
  5. American Adventure Lab's base and fridge slide

    If you like the look of the coated stuff, get it and just expect to get some marks on the loading surfaces. Their price for powder coating is very reasonable in my experience. I chose to get everything bare and am having just the drawer faces, the cargo shelf mounting brackets, and the cargo...
  6. Any dirt roads for a beginner in So Cal?

    Was going to suggest Saddleback Mountain on the eastern edge of OC, but it looks like the Main Divide Truck Trail that leads to the summit is currently closed due to fire damage. Still may be able to find something worth checking out in the Ortega Highway canyon area. Holy Jim was fun too, but...
  7. Moab Bound on Sunday!! Who wants to show me around?

    Just got back from Moab. If you’re looking to do a little wheeling without getting too crazy, I’d do Fins and Things and Hell’s Revenge. Both are iconic slick rock type trails and are located right next to each other just outside of town so you won’t spend a bunch of time driving. Fins is tame...
  8. California Complete Set of virgin Factory Skids

    Still available. I’m in Turlock, CA. They’re a bit faded from being out in the sun, but still in otherwise perfect shape.
  9. California Complete Set of virgin Factory Skids

    Price drop to free. Come and get ‘em!
  10. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    I think the only option they (Rain Gear) have a special option for is a windshield mounted lightbar. Does your roof rack stay on when your top comes off?
  11. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I would say no. Pretty much the whole point of this thread is to discuss the various mounting options and their associated pros and cons so that readers of this thread can make that decision for themselves based on their particular needs.
  12. Topless MPG vs With Top On MPG

    Hard top off (but with a mesh sunshade on) I probably lose about 0.5-1 mpg on average. Nothing too significant for me. I could however see having the doors off adding a bit more drag and further reducing fuel mileage.
  13. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    You can install the new parts yourself, however the dealer will still be needed for the EHPS programming and any sales code updates that need to be applied to make the new parts work correctly.
  14. Tony G's '18 Firecracker JLUR DD/Crawler Journal

    While waiting for my sliders to arrive, I continued to prep for my trip, consolidating my camping gear and working on a good way to pack it securely for some high speed desert driving. I tidied up a wiring project or two and started researching Ham frequencies used in the area. I then talked...

    So far as I'm aware, the fog light harness is contained completely within the front bumper. There should be a plug on the outside of the passenger side frame rail, pretty much directly below the radiator/grill. I believe after that it just gets loomed up along with the rest of the front end...
  16. Tony G's '18 Firecracker JLUR DD/Crawler Journal

    I initially ordered my Rocker Knockers from 4WP. Not a place I usually buy from, but their website was showing the Rocker Knockers in stock as well as the recently released step kits for them. I'm not a big fan of steps myself, but I had seen Poison Spyders' steps that they had been showing...
  17. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    The Rain Gear has cut-outs through which the mirrors protrude. There is a flap that wraps around the mirror base and secures with Velcro. When the doors are off, the flap covers the hole.
  18. Rain / Overnight Cover - Topless

    Highly recommend the RainGear. I've had mine about two and a half years now and use it from about April - October when my hard top is off for the season. Mine has held up well to hot days and intense sun which it sees far more of than rain. I use it in conjunction with a JTops mesh sunscreen...