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  1. North Carolina Outer Banks Trip Coming Up

    We stayed in Carova last year. Saw horses every day. You can drive the 11 miles of beach without a permit. However, if you plan to park, you’ll need one.
  2. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    Sounds like Travis at TriCity in Eden, NC. I talked to him the other day and he confirmed all JLs and JTs (except 392s) are 5-7% under invoice.
  3. All this can be yours for $85,000 Where’s the JL version?

    Only thing I can think of when I see “Bandit”
  4. Raceline Monster Beadlocks on a Daily Driver

    Yes, you are fine increasing your PSI. No TPMS sensors for me. I was not able to salvage my others, so I’m running sans sensors.
  5. Raceline Monster Beadlocks on a Daily Driver

    I had that exact question/concern when reading the instruction sheet. The warning for max of 25psi is for setting the inner bead.
  6. Raceline Monster Beadlocks on a Daily Driver

    37” STT Pros and I run 32-35psi.
  7. Raceline Monster Beadlocks on a Daily Driver

    I’ve run Raceline Monsters for almost 8 months now - balanced well, run smooth on the highway, holds a bead at 8psi. They’ve handled everything I’ve thrown at them.
  8. Virginia UPR Catch Can for 3.6L $80

    no. I bought it back in February.
  9. How not to break the weakest link on driveline, axle, etc. when recovering another rig by towing

    I towed a JK several miles to get out of Windrock. 4hi and let it fly. Keep the tow strap tight and have the disabled vehicle steer and brake and you should be fine.
  10. Opinions on Cooper STT Pro?

    STT Pro fan boy for life. I watched them drag a disabled JK off Dutch John at Uwharrie in the mud. @chevymitchell towed that guy through places I had to winch through. I was sold from that point. I put a set of 37s on my Jeep about 8 months ago and my first real trip with them, I found myself in...
  11. Newbie wheeling in a manual

    I drive an auto, so I cannot comment directly. However, when I need to maintain low speed for a technical section, I’m in 4 low. I use 4 high between technical sections or If I need a lot of wheel speed. For the most part, 4 low is your best bet. We were at Rausch last weekend and ran mostly...
  12. Rausch Creek 4/9-4/10

    I told Shawn pretty much the same thing. I’ve been to URE, Windrock, Stony Lonesome, and Beasley Knob and, while they are all fun, none compare to RC. The only downside is the cost. It would be really expensive to wheel there regularly.
  13. Rausch Creek 4/9-4/10

    I completely forgot to post a thread prior to us going. I’m usually pretty good about remembering to do stuff like that. Ah well, there’s always next time.
  14. Rausch Creek 4/9-4/10

    @chevymitchell, @conFUcius, and I made the 800 mile round trip from North Carolina to Rausch Creek this weekend. @conFUcius got an earlier start and hit Peters Mill Run on the way up. We arrived at the park about noon on Friday, got our passes, aired down and hit the trails. We ran into a...
  15. Teraflex IR long arm kit

    @chevymitchell has their long arm kit on his JL.
  16. Guess what? You can snap a lower control arm in half and not even know it.

    Please stop breaking Fat Ninja. You, sir, are abusive.
  17. TPMS and Offroading

    It will stay on while aired down.
  18. New trails added!

    Trails in the south tend to close in the winter due to the amount of precipitation we get. The trails need a “break” especially during our wet months in order to “heal.” Closing them for 4 months out of the year allow them to stay open when they might otherwise be shut down due to damage caused...

    I ran those wheels for nearly 2 years and loved them. I’m running the STT Pros now and they are one of, if not, my favorite tires on the market. This is a really good deal for someone looking to upgrade to a quality wheel and tire combination. Good luck with the sale, @zscooby.