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  1. 2.5 inch spacer lift on a JL Rubicon?

    35s May look a little out of place on 2.5”. Plus you may need additional parts like adjustable track bar and front lower control arms since caster is already a little low on Rubis. Here is a link showing TF ST1 kit and 35s...
  2. Rock Krawler maintenance & general suspension conversation

    Holy Sh!! Out of curiosity I watched the vid. I think I would just have to buy new axles. LOL
  3. Finally purchased first Suspension lift.. 4.5” RK.. Addt. needed parts help / suggestions

    It does mention doing a FAD delete on front axle. Not familiar with these but read what others have stated, you will want to go with RCVs.
  4. HELP!! 2021 Willys Fender Light / DRL Questions

    Rubi/Sahara flare lights are different than Sport. You would need to swap flares
  5. Crystal Rubi build

    I hear ya :). As you have stated before “if not broke don’t fix it” :like:
  6. Crystal Rubi build

    Good idea. Now. Let’s see how super glue holds :)
  7. Who is going to try the new Metal Cloak "DB3" Rear Control Arm Correction Bracket?

    Interesting. Curious what improvements can be recognized for on road handling/ride.
  8. Sport Fender LED (rubi style) questions

    Awesome Chris. Glad that did the trick.
  9. Sport Fender LED (rubi style) questions

    Hey Chris this guy was in the reviews from your link on Amazon
  10. Sport Fender LED (rubi style) questions

    Well shoot. Was hoping something simple. Sorry man. Not sure about wiring. Hopefully someone with experience with those specific lights can weigh in. Only other Tazer setting I would check is to make sure DRL is set to US not Canada.
  11. Sport Fender LED (rubi style) questions

    You didn’t use parking brake and put in drive correct? shooting in dark here since I don’t know the product you installed. Stepping through items suggested for OEM DRLs
  12. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Cool. You won’t need to order a new one. The existing one that comes on Rubi can be reused. They are the same. Here is a pic of one on plastic Rubi bumper. You can see it is the same as one you are looking at on Quadratec.
  13. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Do you have a Sahara or Rubi?
  14. Sport Fender LED (rubi style) questions

    I think the choice for DRL should be set to “dedicated”. Also make sure you test with someone sitting inside and put in drive.
  15. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    If changing out Rubi or Sahara plastic bumper the closeout will be same as one for steel bumper
  16. MetalCloak GameChanger 2.5” lift installation questions

    Hey CT. Curious how tight/stretched at full droop? Plenty of slack? Definitely looks clean zipped up :like:
  17. Mopar LCA swap

    OEs as in the mopar lift arms? Jeep not lifted?
  18. EVE: 4XE Build

    That thing is crazy cool
  19. EVE: 4XE Build

    Looks great. But look at that monster in the background :like:
  20. Utah WTB: Bright White Rubicon Hood and Grill

    Sounds like don’t want to paint but if you do theres some reasonably priced black Rubi hoods in Dallas.