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  1. JLUR Fenders On eBay

    They are paintable…Not a rough finish.
  2. JLUR Fenders On eBay

    Needed to install the inline resistor for the signals. Sequential lights are the kind that light up from inside out as the signal turns on.
  3. Bourbon talk...

    Price point literally has nothing to do with “Good” whiskey. I actually like Jim Beam Double Oak and Rebel Yell at $17. All comes down to the pallet tasting it.
  4. Bourbon talk...

    I definitely keep the good stuff for myself or those I know will appreciate it. Almost like being “sponge-worthy.” That’s for the Seinfeld fans out there.
  5. Bourbon talk...

    If you order Pappy mixed with anything everyone will punch you! Watched a couple guys in my golf league crack a bottle of Pappy 12yr, pour the first one neat, and then began shooting Pappy followed by fireball and shotgunning a Beer. Made me sick.
  6. Bourbon talk...

    I gave that a go...Was not a fan, but to each his own! I preferred Elijah Craig.
  7. Bourbon talk...

    I I appreciate that! I would do the same. Need to start a bourbon finders thread! Help the Jeep community get the good stuff! I shot you a message.
  8. Bourbon talk...

    LOl! Literally like finding Easter Eggs around the St Louis area.
  9. Bourbon talk...

    Current stock plus reserves:
  10. Bourbon talk...

    Wel hell, let me know the cost plus shipping to 62285. Eagle Rare, Weller Special Reserve and Blanton’s for the right price. Keep me posted!
  11. Bourbon talk...

    Although I spend most of my time hunting for Eagle Rare and Weller, I do grab bottles I’ve never tried. Picked these up the other day.
  12. Hummer EV

    Saw a truck with a load of new Hummer EVs on it. Not sure why they weren’t badged and had everything stripped.
  13. Illinois Headlight Revolution LED Switchbacks

    For Halogen fender flares only. Used for about a month. Upgraded to Rubicon LED fender flares. Will need inline resistors. Asking $45 shipped.
  14. Topless MPG vs With Top On MPG

    Not sure anyone buys a brick on wheels for fuel efficiency. I sure as heck didn’t. Not even sure I’ve checked MPG.
  15. Non led taillights bulbs

    Emily from Oracle shot me an email and told me they’d ship out early next week. Thank you though.
  16. Non led taillights bulbs

    I know you’re not the person in charge of this, but 2 weeks? It was a 2 week delay 4 weeks ago. At this point can I just cancel the entire order, get my money back and find another option?
  17. Non led taillights bulbs

  18. 36” Tires

    Sound advice! I appreciate the break down. I don’t “wheel” my Jeep, just take the wife on back road cruises. Only off road is on dirt roads. It is my “Man Van!” Sounds like the taller, skinnier tire will suit me best.
  19. 36” Tires

    So are there advantages or disadvantages of running an 11.5 wide tire vs a 12.5?
  20. 36” Tires

    Things I never considered. Thanks for the input! Just need to find the right 35” AT.