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  1. Gorilla Glass as good as we hope?

    I once sneezed and my Mopar windshield cracked (joking... Or am I....) For just $95 I doubt it'll be any worse.
  2. Illinois JLUR Rock Rails/Sliders

    PM sent.
  3. Illinois JLUR Rock Rails/Sliders

    Yes they are - and I sent you a PM with location. Thank you!
  4. Bestop Rear Window Lube?

    Hey guys. Finally got our @Bestop Trektop Ultra installed a few weeks back. Loving the soft top and how easy it is to retract the roof in the summertime heat, but I'm running into an issue with the rear window. The rear window removes just fine. But when going to re-install it, the window just...
  5. Interior cargo basket with angled soft top

    Hard to tell from the angle... But I don't think so. If the shelf extends beyond the rear angled rollbar at all, then it will not work. The slant back follows the rollbar line very closely.
  6. Dealer playing with finance terms

    None of that sounds right at all. I'd be making some phone calls and be in contact with an attorney very quickly if they don't immediately rectify. And no, they can't just change terms of the loan like that. I'd also return the Jeep to the condition you bought it and park it if you can until...
  7. Your seasonal fuel mileage trends

    Oh yea... I see about a 1-3 mpg decrease depending on how fast in driving.
  8. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    I'm sorry man. Glad you're ok. For the damage.... That's extensive. Probably multiple thousands. If you're asking how to best DIY all that, I'm afraid that's clue enough that you're out of your comfort zone and need to take it to a shop.
  9. Illinois JLUR Rock Rails/Sliders

    Quote sent via PM
  10. Illinois JLUR Rock Rails/Sliders

    Sure, I'll get a quote for you on Monday.
  11. Sellable value of brand new take-off Rubi Steel bumpers (front and rear)?

    I would say the ballpark of $500-$750 for the pair.
  12. Anyone know if the Quadratec bike rack is any good?

    I have this folding 4 bike from Quadratec. I love that it folds (while empty) for trunk access. But there is no way 4 bikes will fit. 2 adult bikes fit fine and you can maybe squeeze a kids bike. Sorry, I don't have any actual pictures...
  13. Illinois XG Cargo Magellan bags

    Up for sale is a pair of XG Cargo Magellan storage bags. These are used, but show no signs of wear. One change from the attached image taken from the XCG website is that these feature the clasp retainers, not the new buckles. Asking $125 shipped. Please let me know if you have any...
  14. Illinois JLUR Rock Rails/Sliders

    Up for sale is a pair of (4 door) rock rails off of a 2021 JLUR. These were removed at 4000 miles and are in "like new" condition. They have never seen trails and will include all hardware. Asking $50 for pick up (Elgin, IL area); I'm willing to ship at buyers expense. I can provide a shipping...
  15. JL Door Weight

    They're light. If I had to guess I'd say 25 lbs.
  16. what is the verdict on the twill soft slant top for JL 4dr?

    Finished my Bestop Trektop Ultra install yesterday. Can't comment on long term. Haven't even left the driveway yet. Looks are 10/10. Install/fitment over the Diabolical Slipstream is an 8/10 plus loss of ease of access to the top of the Slipstream. So far I'm pleased
  17. Which YouTuber Makes Your Favorite Content?

    Many of the others listed plus husband/wife duo channels: JK Gear and Gadgets // Jeep Gear and Gadgets