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  1. What are these?

    I'm more curious how you've had it for a year and just noticed these? :bandit: Anyways, park your butt in it and push the button:like:
  2. Window tinting

    No, we just matched the factory. I think it's 20%. Now the windshield is illegal in Ohio unless you have a doctor's prescription and then it is at 50%.
  3. Window tinting

    We tinted the fronts to match the factory tint on the rears. I want to say it's at 20%. I also have my windshield tinted, with a doctor's prescription.
  4. I’m starting to smell a color scheme...

    Yes! Bring on Purple and Copper!
  5. Help! I am thinking of selling my customized 2021 JLU so I can buy the 392. Where do I sell it for profit?

    I can't see anyone paying you what you want for the customization. If you really love it, then keep it!
  6. adjusting the clock constantly?

    Yep the 5" sucks :crying:
  7. Jeep Superbowl Ad with old CJ

    Meh.... Stay out of insinuating politics Jeep. Hell, maybe they should have just said we need another 911 to bring us together. One side will say "really you want unity after 4+ years of crap" and the other will say it was based on "white privilege". Just stick to this one...
  8. Help with color choice crystal grey vs. snazzberry

    Snazzberry! I literally just traded in a Granite Crystal for the awesome looking Snazz!
  9. Catalytic Converter Theft- what to do

    Here's an idea.... Insurance and call it a day:like:
  10. 2 Door Hard Top NVH Question

    I have the soft top and have never noticed this effect.
  11. Gotta love Selec-Trac!

    Yes for at least 50k! :like:
  12. Gotta love Selec-Trac!

    Haha well I did get him to trade it in on an 80th Anniversary!
  13. Medium trails in Tennessee...

    Better check to make sure roads are open. GSMNP only uses Twitter to post AFAIK. This time of year, Cades could be open or closed along with 441.
  14. Hero's Journey Ad Featuring the Wrangler

    At least they didn't have her wearing a mask while she's alone in the Jeep :like: