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  1. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Yeah that boost and afr really weird. maybe blow off valve stuck open or remaining open for some reason. At least you get support buying from them which is great.
  2. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    Did you try a different tune? From what little I know looks to be maybe a sensor input problem or when changing loop control systems.
  3. Monache Meadows June 17-20 or 21

    some nice places to explore near Sherman pass which is closer than kernville from monnache meadows. Let’s meet up in the meadows and take it from there. I scheduled a 5 day weekend coming up for the holiday and that’s when the parts will come in to do some wrench time. More than welcome to come...
  4. Monache Meadows June 17-20 or 21

    Yep that’s what I would def do. I would join but have to work on the front end. I get the mc 6 packs with king bumps. While I setup the bumps without the spring in for shock travel etc I never flexed it out before going crazy and I think I over compressed my springs because they look all funky...
  5. Monache Meadows June 17-20 or 21

    for the holiday weekend? I would not stay on the plateau if so, going to be packed believe it or not haha if you never been that way before me and Vic found some cool spots I can share with you if interested in PM or txt.
  6. Monache Meadows June 17-20 or 21

    ill follow you anywhere Steve! what are the dates you have in mind?
  7. Massachusetts Genright Tire Carrier

    Keep it! Probably will be worth double by end of year :) Good price here folks.
  8. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    ah come on it’s not that bad. When I did the toy 4.0 I had to install twice when adding URD cam gears and stuff. Fun times, nothing like doing work twice
  9. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    I don’t have the high output alt either, all accessories are running off 2nd battery. Winch, BD lights, fridge, arb twin, rockhard steps, etc. I definitely notice when they close in parallel, especially when running the compressor lol
  10. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    Just unplugged, believe it has a few ground connections on it and didn’t have the effort to physically remove and redistribute the wiring and posts etc. With my daily driving and the fridge running 24x7 I need it 14v all the time to charge 2nd battery. No problem since running odyssey batteries
  11. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    No, but in hindsight I might have went with a jackery portable battery vs genesis setup. Different strokes for different folks.
  12. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    No issue running my genesis setup for 1.5 years with the IBS sensor removed for full time 14V+ charging. I dont trust anything or any word that comes from someone working at a dealer. Sorry for those that are offended.
  13. Magnuson Supercharger available $6495

    If you want more forced induction talk best to head to gladiator forum. Lots more folks installing these kits and talking about them. What he said was spot on, if your the average Joe get the edelbrock kit. I’m waiting for magnuson tune to work it’s self out. Seems like we have a lot of support...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Before and after. Reid knuckles, dynatrac ball joints and new tre.
  15. Few shock option questions....lengths etc...Fox and Radflow

    Hydro bumps are the way to go when setting up travel limits.
  16. Few shock option questions....lengths etc...Fox and Radflow

    I know of and wheeled with one person running the 6 pack and I bought a set soon after. For the price you really cant beat the 6 packs, for shock travel and performance. Anything else is a compromise and/or more money. I heard/read the issue of them leaking but found out they changed to a custom...
  17. At the end of my rope of steering issues.***FIXED!****

    Glad to see you finally tamed your DW!! Congrats! :)
  18. ALUMINUM bumpers ONLY. Let's see them!

    You wouldnt happen to be the same dadjokes as on FB? If so you are pretty famous. :)
  19. New Member! Baja Designs | The Scientists of Lighting

    Just saw this post. Bailey you still work at BD? Damn brother small world, from the fjcforums!
  20. Looks like Edelbrock is getting closer to production.

    Thats two attaboys for elde in my book! When time comes will be tough decision on which to choose.. Keep staying up to date on both to see how everything unfolds.