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  1. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Check it out, BFG just released the KO in a 37x12.50 with a C load rating, the new Raptor tire
  2. How to keep mice out of my stored jeep...

    Dryer sheets, stick them everywhere
  3. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    Hmmm. I’m in North Louisiana and searching on Car Fax JTR’s with around 20K miles within a 500 mile radius seem to be about $15-20K off what I can build one for on Jeep’s website. Disclaimer: I have been wrong before. A lot. :)
  4. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    Much safer. I had a Burnt Copper Metallic Anniversary. Stock wheel base, intake came on exhaust side, Yoshi cube and a 30 shot of nitrous. Best pass was [email protected] Sold it to (start) building motor for my Chevelle. Had a lot of good times on it and glad The Lord saw fit to let me survive it.
  5. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    Hey Fastbusa, what year bike do you have?
  6. How many people have already bought and traded in their Gladiators?

    I have a JLURD and will add a Glad to the fleet soon but it will be a low mileage used one. They sure don’t have the resale value of the JL’s. I would LOVE to bob the bed on one. Rear departure angle is horrible unless you are on 40’s
  7. List of Chrysler MS-12991 Engine Oil for the 3.0 EcoDiesel Jeep Wrangler

    I have one oil change left in the Jeep Wave program. From then on I was planning to select oil from a quality manufacturer that meets the Ecodiesel requirements. I use a combination of Mobil1 and Valvoline in my autos and Rotella in my diesel trucks. After following this thread, I think I'm...
  8. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to Delete Emissions, and Boost Power

    I just want my exhaust to go where it belongs, out the exhaust pipe. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the warranty on the emissions system expire at 24K miles?
  9. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    I have the Tazer but from what I understand they are hard to get, like permanent back order. This looks like a great option.
  10. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    I kick myself in the rear everyday for not ordering the switch panel when I built mine. This looks really nice. Maybe someone with a 3.0 and the auxiliary switches will chime in.
  11. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    You have to pull the tank skid, I'm not real happy about it. I like to drain my water separator every 3,500 miles and this is gonna be a real pain. I have a lift in my shop so it won't be too terrible. I might build an access hole if the skid doesn't come off easily, just don't like the idea of...
  12. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Hung a set of Metalcloak skids under mine.
  13. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    I hate to admit this but after reading this thread 4 times I'm gonna leave it alone. We have a buggy for the fun stuff and on 35's I can still have a lot of fun with the JL. I still admire your build and wish you the best of luck!
  14. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    I'm on 35's (34.4" actual) and 3.73's now. Even with my lead footed wife driving to and from work mixed city/hwy she gets 25 mpg average over the week. I can easily get 27-28 in it when I drive it.
  15. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    Just can’t wrap my mind around 4.10’s and a 39. Dynatrac doesn’t show a ratio below 4.88 but I’m sure arrangements can be made. I was leaning towards 4.56. All on hold till PSC gets the steering kit ready, that’s my next step.
  16. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    I have the 3.0 diesel. Looking to run a 39” KM3 on front and rear Dynatrac 60’s.