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  1. Wrangler 4xe Orderable 11/6/20

    No, because I also had the option for a black Premium sunrider cloth top... it was one or the other (color matching hard top or sunrider).
  2. Wrangler 4xe Orderable 11/6/20

    I ordered my 4XE Rubicon today and can confirm, no black hardtop available. Frustrating as I'm not a big fan of the color matching top. But I'd rather have that that cloth. Frustrating also that we don't have pricing. My dealer was a little confusing- he said that he would need a commitment...
  3. Rubicon-Hard to find

    Agree, make this Jeep yours and get what you want! The trade in value down the road may or may not be less because of color, but I don't think it would be significant enough to pick another color that you may not be as happy with! Jeeps are fun vehicles and getting the color you want is part...
  4. Rubicon-Hard to find

    Congrats! I went back and forth on the colored fenders/top, and I think a good balance is colored fenders and black top personally. The colored fenders gives it more of an upgraded look over a sport (my opinion, lol) but I found the matching colored top to be too much, especially on the...
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    New to Wranglers, and last weekend went NAKED! :) What a blast this was! I see myself doing this often...
  6. Do you take the doors off?

    You are missing out on the full Jeep experience if you never take the doors off IMO... Do it at least once, see how you like it, and then you'll know if its for you or not. I am new to Jeep Wrangler ownership and took my top and doors off last weekend for the first time.. and all I have to say...
  7. New Jeep JLU diecast from Matchbox

    Very nice! Wish they made it in all the colors though.
  8. Will you be waving to the new Gladiator?!

    Glad we are addressing critical issues such as this... I was up all night wondering if I should wave to a pickup truck version of what I drive! ;) Seriously though, I don't think I would be able to tell until it's too late anyways... at which point I'll feel like I've been punked. All good...
  9. Finally Placed an Order

    Congrats! Ordering is the only way to go! I ordered mine the first week of February and had it in 5 weeks! Love having my JL exactly the way I wanted it. I hope you wait is short!
  10. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I had the front windows tinted (the rear windows are all stock). I was going to go for 20%, but my tint shop didn't have it so I went with 15%. It's a tad bit darker than stock, but looks great and I like having a little more privacy in the front anyways.
  11. Rubicon-Hard to find

    Ordered 02/04/19, picked up 5 weeks later (just a few days ago). I also wanted the 3.6 and wanted mine optioned exactly the way I wanted it and am very glad I ordered. I almost caved and bought one that was in stock but didn't have a few options, and now that I actually do have what I want I...
  12. Newbi - Factory Order this week

    You better check to see if Mojito is still available, I've heard that some that ordered it 2-3 weeks ago were told it was discontinued.
  13. **UPDATE 3.14.19 ** HELP! Picking up new Rubicon. Weird noise!

    Here's my take- you're making an educated decision by asking people here what they would do and in turn deciding what is the BEST THING FOR YOU to do with all things considered. If you are in a position to get the car and are confident moving forward with the warranty, go for it...
  14. Thinking of the JL/New to Jeep

    Every brand has issues with different models, and the internet feeds fear because you don't hear from the majority that have no issues while anyone with an issue makes sure everyone knows and is very vocal. I've owned other Jeeps (Grand Cherokee's) and they were great, but always steered away...
  15. Advanced Safety Package

    I had this on my Grand Cherokee and ordered it on my JLU and I wouldn't want a vehicle w/o it. It absolutely can save you and if it helps prevent one rear-end accident while I have it, it's paid for itself and then some! The nightmare of paying for damage to your vehicle, another vehicle...
  16. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    Pick me! Pick me! My wife needs these for our JL!! :)
  17. JL acceleration

    This debate will go on and on for years here. Mostly, people want to defend their choice and what they picked or what they ended up with. Bottom line for me is both engines are adequate and the differences are not significant enough for it to be a big deal.
  18. For those with the hotspot active..

    I am looking at activating the hotspot in my JL, and I was wondering if the hotspot stays on/active after you shut the jeep off? Is this an option or no? I have a security system that hooks up to a hotspot and of course it needs to stay on in order for it to work. Now I've been told you can...
  19. 93 Octane! I like it!

    Every single car I've had in the past 20 years has required 93 octane gas, so the fact that I can now put the cheaper gas option in my car and save .60 a gallon without any issues is very satisfying. :)