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  1. Cabin air filter

    Does the ecodiesel have a different part number for the cabin air filter? I was at the dealership the other day and they said they didn't have any in stock due to the ecodiesel being relatively new.
  2. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to Delete Emissions, and Boost Power

    Depends on what you get, the AFE and Banks tuners can just be removed and that's it. If you go full delete and ECM flash that would be more difficult. I wouldn't even consider a delete unless you live in a place without emmisons testing.
  3. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to Delete Emissions, and Boost Power

    I guess it's not necessary a matter of capability then just a matter of EPA compliance. I'd prefer just plugging into the OBDII port myself and doing the flash but I don't know if anyone offering that right now.
  4. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to Delete Emissions, and Boost Power

    The piggy back tuners like banks and AFE just modify boost and fuel pressure. I don't think they are capable of disabling stuff like the EGR,DEF/SCR. I think the reason why they can't just send you a file and reflash it through the OBDII port is due to security restrictions of newer ECUs. That...
  5. Modifying the 3.0 Engine and Exhaust to Delete Emissions, and Boost Power

    Full delete in the works, I've posted this in another thread but there are several going on. Always seems to break down into an environmental debate instead of talking about the Jeep.
  6. Snorkels for the EcoDiesel

    I was thinking the same thing at first, it doesn't look like it really raises the intake that much but I think by moving it back as well it would be helpful in a real life scenario when you sort of nose dive into a water crossing and then level out.
  7. Snorkels for the EcoDiesel

    Its nice that we finally have at least one option. The shorty version doesn't look like it would block the view much but with the 18" extension it looks like it would block quite a bit. I'd prefer something that hugs the windshield like the rugged ridge snorkel but who knows, I may end up...
  8. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    full delete is being worked on now apparently
  9. TSB 08-074-20 (steering) and the EcoDiesel

    They should be able to order it unless they have a long list of others ahead of you in line. For whatever reason FCA has restricted the parts so that they can only order one set every two weeks, or at least that's what I was told.
  10. ARB Twin Compressor Mounting Location?

    I got mine mounted under the front passenger seat but I'm not running air lockers.
  11. TSB 08-074-20 (steering) and the EcoDiesel

    After getting the work completed I could tell a difference before I was even out of the dealership parking lot. It's hard to describe but I'd say it's smoother feeling, a little more car like. Dead spot is significantly less if not gone but it does seem like there is a minor delay in small...
  12. TSB 08-074-20 (steering) and the EcoDiesel

    My dealer gave me a call, will get the work done later this week, fingers crossed.
  13. Diesel Skid plates.

    Next Venture Motorsports has an aluminum skid system in the works for the 3.0, ETA of Feb '21 according to their website.
  14. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    I think the ARB twin is a little bigger than the OEM ESS battery, I would look up the dimensions of both before diving too deep into that project.
  15. TSB 08-074-20 (steering) and the EcoDiesel

    Thanks, I guess I was looking at Rev A. The excessive play / deadspot is pretty bad especially when hot on the highway. Hope they do something for the diesels.
  16. TSB 08-074-20 (steering) and the EcoDiesel

    Has anyone had this TSB performed with the diesel? After the dealership initially refusing to perform the work (got @JeepCares involved) they are now saying it doesn't apply to the ecodiesel.
  17. Winches question from newbie

    Ace Engineering and Fabrication makes a stubby front bumper that wont break the bank, but I don't know if they would do free shipping to Hawaii. The Zeon series winches by Warn are still USA made, the VR or Evo series is not as far as I know but I could be wrong.
  18. Where is the engine block heater cord?

    Should be included free of charge honestly. It ended up not being that big a deal to install myself, just partially removed the inner fender liner on front passenger side to get at it. No pics of it right now but I could take some tomorrow if anyone needs them but the computer generated images...
  19. Apparently a New TSB came out today for Loose Steering

    I dropped mine off at the dealership with TSB in hand. The guy I originally talked to said he was getting a lot of people complaining and showing him the TSB recently. He said they would check it out but if they found nothing wrong with it they wouldn't do any work. Came back the next day and...
  20. Rock hard or metalcloak underarmor

    What would needed in the semi annual rebuild? I didn't see anything about that on their website.. powder coating vs the gold zinc finish is something to consider, I would think that if you get a deep scratch(as you are likely to do on a skid plate) both would rust but at least with the black...