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  1. How to remove Cigarette lighter?

    Thanks for the info. I was just about to attempt to move mine to that location. I have 8 speed auto.
  2. TazerJL Feature Requests

    I had requested Tazer Mini extension cables. They just came Fedex today. Thank you
  3. Has anyone installed the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller?

    I have a 2018. This bulletin could also be called "Mopar Trailer Tow Package". This has been happening since the JL came out. I do not have the harness with the diode and mine throws the codes and lights. I am going to order the the new harness to see if this solves the problem. Why they...
  4. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    I had the change done on 11/6. Drives much straighter now. Steering is heavier though. I have adjustable lower control arms that were installed prior to this to try and make it track better. I might turn this back to a little less caster now. I am at 6.9 left and 7.0 right. Worth doing...
  5. Anyone try these rain diverters?

  6. Mopar Begins Selling Wall Charger in Preparation for Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Electric

    Where I am very little electric city comes from fossil fuels. Probably none after 12:30 am, which is when I charge. Tesla tried to get a standard plug adopted, but the other auto makers would not agree, so they just went with their own. As far as recycling batteries goes, Tesla is again leading...
  7. Mopar Begins Selling Wall Charger in Preparation for Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Electric

    An adapter to be able to use a Tesla wall connector at home would be nice. The connector only supplies AC current to the car at a used selectable amperage to protect the wires feeding it. FCA has been sending millions to Tesla for Cafe penalties. Time to get something back. My Tesla hates the...
  8. Gladiator Trailer Brake Controller also works on Wrangler JL

    I put the control knob under the steering wheel in the flat panel that snaps off to get to the wires and plug for the brake controller. I don't like it there. Someone else on the forum had a picture where the control knob was installed in a flat spot between the cup hold and the gear shift...
  9. Gladiator Trailer Brake Controller also works on Wrangler JL

    Looks like they just copied the Redarc design. Thats what I went with on my 2018 JLUR. In 2019 the Jeep engineer in Moab told be that they didn't put a brake controller with the tow package because they could not decide on where to put it. The Redarc one works very well.
  10. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    If your motorhome has airbrakes the M&G seems to be the simplest with no electronics or inside the Jeep mounting required. The problem is that Jeep has not left enough room for it anymore. It would be sweet if the coach came with the red trailer brake valve and plumbing already installed...
  11. Battery dead for second time in 3 weeks

    My first dead battery was at about 9 months. I would charge it and a few days later, without driving, it was dead again. No problems since batteries were changed about 8 months ago.
  12. Battery dead for second time in 3 weeks

    Dealer replaced BOTH of mine under warrantee 2018JL. One bad battery can pull the other one down. You are a perfect example, change both of them.
  13. Where do these brackets get relocated to when replacing LCA's?

    OME and Clayton Off Road provide for reconnecting them. Synergy shows you how to cut them off and not use them. Perhaps on lifted rigs it is not possible to reuse them anyway. Mine is stock lift so I went with being able to remount them to keep sagebrush from maybe catching the loose lines.
  14. Seriously Sirius??!

    My trial expired 6 months ago. I'll probably renew for the $60 when it stops working!
  15. Rancho Performance Adjustable LCA's or Synergy?

    I don't plan on a lift at this point so I would like to able to secure the brake lines the way the factory arms do. It looks like hanging down the force from catching brush or sticks gets transmitting to the fittings on the hose. A few of the aftermarket options have an attachment point, but...
  16. Tazer Extensions

    MacJack, the plastic cover panel under the steering column snaps off to give room to get behind the lower dash. I also removed some screws on the lower panel to the left and was able to pull it out a bit to get a second hand/finger onto to the wires that need to be unpluged. Yes I also have...
  17. Tazer Extensions

    Yes I took out the center section and most of the left hand piece over the speaker. Comes with age I guess. I got out some sailing gloves from 30 years ago and they aren't even close to fitting anymore. I weigh the same though.
  18. TazerJL Feature Requests

    I would vote for 2 lo as well. TeraFlex makes a part for the transfer case to allow this, but electronic would be nicer. Two low for the roughness of the trail yet stop the binding of 4 low when turning on slick rock. Slick rock=solid sandpaper when dry.
  19. Tazer Extensions

    I have the Mini that doesn't use the OBDII port. I had trouble with the two smaller connectors above the OBDII that have to be removed and plugged into the Mini. It's almost like FCA made them very difficult to get to. Someone else also said that they had a difficult time with this.
  20. Tazer Extensions

    I just put the Tazer Mini in m 2018 JL. Getting the two cables up under the dash unplugged took me several hours. I took a lot of drivers side plastic off the try and gain access to these. They were very hard to pull out because my hands barely fit into the spot. Does the unit have to be...