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  1. The Trasharoo Problem

    I need ideas as well. Have my third brake light and license plate in the middle of the spare. I also have two fuel pax on the rock slide engineering mount.
  2. Fuel Storage Options

    Cool! Kindly tell us your impressions after the trip! Have fun!
  3. Fuel Storage Options

    I've been looking at those. How are they? I'm a bit hesitant because of how its mounted.
  4. California Metal Cloak Drag Link / Metal Cloak Tie Rod for JLU Sport (SoCal/Anaheim)

    I am selling a Metal Cloak drag link and tie rod. I had them both on my Sport S for less than 3,000 miles. I decided to go a different direction. Selling both for $400. Local pick up only.
  5. Rear Parking Sensor Covers

    Wondering if you still have the sensor caps .... Probably not, but worth a try.
  6. Rear Parking Sensor Covers

    Do you have a link? Thanks!!
  7. 67 Designs RAIL now available for the JL

    Do the ram ball mount 1" fit into the rail?
  8. Off-road recommendations for a beginner in SoCal?

    SoCal here (Anaheim) ... more into backpacking and car camping. I have a sport that needs to get dirty. I'm a beginner as well.
  9. Baja Designs: Plug and Play - Jeep JL Fog Pocket Kits

    Will these mount to a XRC front bumper?
  10. Light Bolt for License Plate Relocation

    There's a bunch in Amazon, but I want to know from people here about their experiences and which product they prefer? Thanks