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  1. The dreaded aux battery

    No pictures until it comes off again. I simply spread the liner away from trim piece and slipped a small tiny screwdriver in and broke the back of the hole the rivet passes thru. Once the liner was out I just slotted the back of the holes in liner. Now it pulls out and slides back in after...
  2. The dreaded aux battery

    Aux battery took a dump today. Found a local duracell 220 cca exact fit. Front wheel off, lowered on jack, I had already modified the liner to come out simply for other wiring needs. From opening garage door upon return from bulbs and batteries to drive out to test. 44 minutes. I had...
  3. Rattle

    I've gets looked at, cleaned regularly, driveshaft greased, axle ends gone over, fluids check, shocks rebuilt, air and oil service. Have even discovered a few other unnecessary rattles inside both the A and B pillar covers. ... ... .Those bolts, have eluded me! Until now at least.
  4. Rattle

    I had an annoying rattle up above my head. Check your bolts holding your windshield. Two of those four bolts of mine had loosened up and the washer was just jiggling. Simple two minute fix.

    I have been told the Odessey PC680MJ is an acceptable ess battery. I cannot verify that. Can anyone else?
  6. Mudflaps amazingly enough!

    So I have never been a mud flap fellow. Moving to Co has jarred my thinking a tiny bit. The first few outings in the snow and ice and road smuck caked clumps of ice up the side and onto the door handles about 2" thick and the climatized garage redistributes that onto the floor. So I went...
  7. Overall Reliability?

    Kanati trail hogs 37 x 12.50 x 17 69 lbs
  8. Overall Reliability?

    The weight was the factor for me. Those and 37's and I'm at 91lbs per wheel/tire.
  9. Overall Reliability?

    Mammoth Boulder headlock look alikes. 22lbs. Easy to clean. Lifetime warranty. Machined ring face doesn't show the scars. Super happy
  10. Overall Reliability?

    56,086 in. Nothing but fun. V6, 6spd
  11. Nitto Ridge Grapplers Break Loose Often On Wet or Snow Covered Pavement

    Being new to Colorado I've been wheeling twice and had the Jeep on the road in three different snows along with icy mornings. I had bought the Kanati Trail Hog before I moved up here. Has been flawless on and off road.
  12. Landed and looking to explore!

    A couple months back I posted we were relocating to CO Springs. We are here. I'm looking for a local buddy to run with and do some exploring. I know 'zero' about what's here, what's close or any of the obvious great trails and trips. A club may be in the the future, but for now just looking for...
  13. Rubicon red pin stripes?

    That is indeed custom made. Rebel Off Road has them with 2 gal cans. I didn't want 4 gallons of gas to cost that much so I made these. Two (x) 3.5 gal
  14. Rubicon red pin stripes?

    Desert pinstripes all the way!
  15. Budget practical adventure build

    I have 1 left
  16. Chocolate Thunder’s Most Excellent Build Thread!

    Loving my Kanati Trail Hogs. Great ride, no excessive noise, great on and off road
  17. Real Winter rated 37" tire (with the snow flake icon)

    I feel like the feel of the in road tracking is superior to my old KO2's. The load range E vs the load range C if the K02's in my opinion is unnoticed. I just did 3400 miles with nothing but praise