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  1. CarPlay - did FCA give up?

    How come? Doesn't work because of a change in Design or because it fails? By Design it works with carplay.
  2. CarPlay - did FCA give up?

    no its not. You can use carplay with it.
  3. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Did this a few months back, it was too rocky/bumpy for my liking.
  4. Jeep Roll Fallacy

    Once I drove an M5 on a track and the first thing they told us in the safety session was to ALWAYS ROLL THE WINDOWS UP FULLY No matter what...
  5. discount code extreme terrain

    Thanks! I just ordered new wheels a few days ago and it was in stock, then i receive an email it was on back order...mind blown. Ill cancel and re do with the new code!
  6. Steering issues resolved in 2021 JL?

    You can set it in the settings at which PSI to turn on as far as i can recall. Ill check in the morning and let you know, i haven't been in that setting for a very long time. if i am not mistaken now that i am thinking about it it was around 30-32 when it sets off....
  7. Black grills

    I took a members advice . Can you tell it is Plastidipped? I did not want to fork out 350+ for the satin grill until i was sure i liked the look and to try plastidipping it first. Easy to remove. Well i am very satisfied with it i have no plans on ever getting the Satin Mopar grill. 15$ and a...
  8. Static on Uconnect Media app and USB

    To be honest, sometimes i feel it starts when i hit a small bad paved section of the road that creates a small vibration...sometimes not. Many times i noticed the GUI on google maps when using car play lag/stutter as well like its a whole system thing.I have used many cables both original and...
  9. Static on Uconnect Media app and USB

    Someone should do something about this.More and more people have this same issue
  10. Static on Uconnect Media app and USB

    Yes I have the 11, not the pro, not the max. Always running the latest software.My wife has the 11Pro and it did the same thing but not all the time, granted its always my phone plugged in 99% of the time. On her Honda Pilot 2020 not a single issue with my phone or hers....I am sure its a...
  11. 2021 2.0 Engine Whine

    Yes on a cold start it feels like the engine is about to fall apart but just smooths out instantly when warm. The whine though....I have none of that, i do hear a slight slight whine when i floor it going 40 or so but not a constant one at slow speeds like that. by the way do all JLs have a...
  12. 2021 2.0 Engine Whine

    I got the JLUS with the 2.0T and it rattles like a diesel but absolutely no whine at ALL, and i mean at all. If no one told me and i watched this video, i would assume something is surely not the way it should be , too loud in my opinion
  13. Static on Uconnect Media app and USB

    ok thanks! Please do! Did the dealer say anything about "can't replicate the issue" so there is nothing to do? cuz my dealer is stuck like a record on that phrase and will not touch it without seeing it!
  14. Having Dealership Add Mopar Lift and Larger Tires on Delivery

    390 for labor? wtf....i asked my dealer the cost of the kit plus install and he they gave me the mopar standard cost for the items but it was 1450 For labor.....yep...nearly 3k for the 2 inch lift .Granted that was already after i had gotten my Jeep.
  15. Static on Uconnect Media app and USB

    Still nothing. Happened twice today randomly..... :(
  16. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Querstion: I just got 285/70/R17 new Tires ( General Grabbers) for my JLUS and I was looking at these wheels + spacers. I wanted to get spacers to give that small extra bulge ,but as I am doing research i understood that no need for that since these wheels have 4+ inches of backspacing and would...
  17. Static on Uconnect Media app and USB

    Here is a video, is it the same problem?
  18. Static on Uconnect Media app and USB

    Is it the same as in this video of mine?
  19. Static when turning and shifting while using CarPlay

    I posted in another thread, is it anything like this? Static pops , random, USB wired carplay ONLY Sometimes small hiccup/stutter It starts around 45 seconds and onwards increases. at 2:55 you can hear a stutter/hiccup