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  1. Sky-One - loud rattles in roof over Passenger/Driver Door!

    Is it like a plastic on plastic ticking sound?
  2. Check Engine Light

    That sounds pretty extreme and alot of extra work
  3. Rattle behind dash - driver side

    Did anyone mention the clutch position plug yet? That maybe the cause... Probably came loose.. You can just tape it into a secure place
  4. Best adjustment for tailgate rattle

    Just loosen them up and it will probably need to go back some.... The problem is most likely the swing gate weight plate isn't adjusted right to support the swing gate weight... Id loosen the 2 10mm bolts push it forward a tiny bit and see if that helps... A lound thumping sound i take it? Or...
  5. Check Engine Light

    Egr is pretty simple in a 3.6l at least... Since your car is out in the field and not at the factory there are a few things we can assume its not... Id start with the egr plug making sure you have power, ground and bus if you have the right voltages it will be a bad egr... Its a super simple...
  6. Dealer is replacing my transmission

    The transmission is not filled at the factory... Probably quick to change it so they can charge the warranty work to the supplier for the $$$
  7. How many of you have had a flawless Jeep?

    Just move the transfer case shiftter into neutral and it should go
  8. First issue found

    It's purefoam/sealer... Should chip off and look a bit better
  9. Issue Bulletin: Parking Brake Lever Loose or Rattles

    Gotcha.... Rattle free? They try to aim for 7 clicks, but everyones strengh is different and in order to get to the "7 clicks" you really gotta yank on it... As long as the ebrake works and doesn't make noise you should be good
  10. Issue Bulletin: Parking Brake Lever Loose or Rattles

    Factory spec is about "7 clicks" so when you pull slowly you should hear it click about 7 times before it gets really stiff
  11. 2019 JLU Rubicon Premium Soft top rattling

    Also check your messages i sent you a picture
  12. 2019 JLU Rubicon Premium Soft top rattling

    Il try to when i get one to work on... Let me try again... 1.take out all the windows... 2. Unlatch the top and bring it all the way back (fully down, not that sunrider position) 3. On the left and right sportsbar areas you will see what looks like a trigger mechanism on the softtop rail. 4 pull...
  13. 2019 JLU Rubicon Premium Soft top rattling

    Drop the softtop all the way back and unhook the arms... When you have them unhooked bend the arm towards you/outside the vehicle.... ( by arm i mean the one that connects into the sliding mech) dont get wild when trying to bend it you just need a tiny bit... It will put pressure on the arms...
  14. 2020 Jeep JL Model Year Waiting Club

    Id have to look into it if its all electric or hybrid.... I dont think they released full specs yet il do some research for you.... Just going by what ive heard/seen.... And basically the whole backside is a battery....
  15. 2020 Jeep JL Model Year Waiting Club

    The 2.0l turbo engines have been around for awhile.... The newer aspect of them is the "bsg" part... I wont get into details of the 3.6l bsg because i don't want to waste time talking about it and i dont want to give you info and be wrong, bht i wouldn't get my hopes up.... As for the plug in i...
  16. 2020 Jeep JL Model Year Waiting Club

    Extra note : the plugin uses the 2.0l
  17. 2020 Jeep JL Model Year Waiting Club

    Im not too sure on the availability, but we are starting to pilot the plug ins kinda frequently right now, im assuming by the end of july/aug we will start seeing them more and more, and i wouldn't get my hopes up on a 3.6l bsg... What are you looking to get engine wise in a jl?
  18. 2020 Jeep JL Model Year Waiting Club

    2020 = 3.0l domestic desiel and a plug in hybrid