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  1. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    You mean the gold infused MOPAR ATF, for use with MOPAR transmissions which are forged from unobtanium alloys by magical dwarves deep in the bowels of Lonely Mountain? I could not find anything equivalent to that. I used Hersey's strawberry syrup instead, it was onsale for $1.99.
  2. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    "Which is wrong and will do bad things" ? "We recommend Mopar ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid"
  3. Dealer wants $660 to change differential fluid

    Just to confirm what everyone else posted.... Changing fluids on the JL could not be easier. Save yourself some money. I confirmed local dealers wanted ball park $600 for both differentials. Almost as much again for transfer case and transmission... You can do them all yourself on a...
  4. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    YMMV with various online part dealers. (also a forum sponsor) has fairly complete parts lists. The most current, up to date (including 2021) will come from FCA Tech Authority - which requires a minimum "subscription".... That being said, the online parts dealers are not...
  5. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    The part numbers available show ONLY color matched handles WITH proximity. I could find no part numbers for non-proximity color matched. So, right, HA models come with proximity, standard, so no non-color matched option.
  6. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Yeah, that's right.... you would really need to replace the rear door handles, too, so the cost might be a wash. I think it was $33 for non-proximity rear door handle, 8 for the cap. If you went with black, that might not be that noticiable. Or just doing the rear. Just
  7. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    FYI, if color matched door handles are your thing - or if you don't mind gloss black vs flat black, the High Altitude color-matched handles are about $65 vs $85 for black (at online parts dealers with good pricing)- so $20 cheaper - and are proximity handles. The caps are a little more $13 vs...
  8. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    Yes I did. First the 8.4" needed to be upgraded to be ORP capable - if it was not already. The Tazer JL does not add new software, only enables what is already there. The 8.4 upgrade with ORP came out in July, That has been reported for a while.
  9. Any way to update the 8.4" UConnect if you upgraded it yourself?

    I went to a dealer site, (Back in 2018) found a vin with an 8.4 from the factory, go the update site, use this VIN, download and install on my own. I did this a couple of weeks ago to add OR pages.
  10. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    I originally started this quest, oh last year, I guess. I reached out to Z automotive on this and BSM upgrade. No go. I became frustrated when Z was confident it would require reprogramming the RF Hub and more... (at least for PE). I had to drop offline for a while due to health issues, so I...
  11. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    Ha! The radar modules are NOT present in the LED taillights unless equipped with BSM.
  12. New Defender [email protected] itself versus a Jeep on trail

    Reminds of following a very nicely restored 60's Jaguar XKE with a driver who had a sense of humor... Bumper sticker: "The bits falling off this vehicle are of the highest British quality" Of course a bumper sticker on nice e-type.... well. Actually, I think it was stuck on some portion of...
  13. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    Attached are appropriate wiring diagrams for the complete BSM system/entire vehicle connector layout. You can see the wire colors, pin numbers, and match them up to what is/is not present on your vehicle. Pins 10 and 11 on either taillight harness need to be run to the IHS STAR bus located...
  14. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    Yeah that is a no go price there. Silly money. I had the led tailights, i had the correct door harness wiring. I’m in for about $5-600. I know what the “custom” wiring involves, an it is not $1300. That being said I attempted this early on before much was known, assuming plug and play...
  15. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    Yes, you will need this jumper. I looked at this again this morning to refresh my memory. That jumper will get the correct connections to the body harness. I have that. However, the body harness - again on my 2018 Sahara - does not have the wires that run to the star hub. There is no part...
  16. Blind spot monitoring retrofit install

    I tried this almost two years ago, using all those parts. Working with Z automotive. and beta firmware. There’s a hub you will also need to connect to - “star hub” - not the RF hub. Just a small connection block. You’ll need connectors and wire. Hub is behind carpet over rear wheel...
  17. Rubi steel bumper fog light bezel pins

    Get this from Harbor Freight - tool and assortment of poly rivets
  18. Are paddle shifters too much to ask?

    My wife’s Outback has paddle shifters. She had no idea what they are. She accidentally downshifted once, thought she broke car. I like the Outback, but it’s not a WRX. Not needed in an Outback, nor In a Wrangler. At least not for me.
  19. What would you pay for Proximity Lock Post Sales Install Guidance?

    The install has been covered on here in several threads. The handles contain no RFID readers. They sense changes in capacitance and are WIRED to the door harness. There are 5 antennas, one center instrument panel, one each B pillar, one each rear quarter. Saharas and Rubicons already have...
  20. Adding proximity locks retroactively?

    Already been done. They cannot do it. Also, they do NOT have the ability to activate blind spot monitoring. They sent me a beta firmware version to test blind spot. No go. Blind spot is not plug and play. In addition to the radar modules. mirrors, taillight harnesses, one would need...