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  1. JL Retractable Sunshade

    Of course, we tried that nearly immediately. The JL is too narrow between the sport bars to accommodate the same unit even with different brackets. Lee - the Bestop team
  2. JL Trektop

    Please shoot me your number and a reminder of this subject in a PM and I'll have someone from CS reach out to you so you won't have to wait on hold again. Lee - the Bestop team
  3. Bestop Sunrider with soft window?

    So interestingly enough, way back we used to make a translucent bikini. I think the material was called Sunlighter, but at this point I'm not certain. It was pretty unpopular because as others mentioned, it created a pretty hot (greenhouse) cabin. Additionally, some others hit the nail on the...
  4. How to adjust?

    @alltimesaresoon Sorry for the trouble, but I'm glad we could get you straightened out! @WranglerMan I absolutely wouldn't say this is a weak spot. The Sunrider for Hardtop is a very sturdy product. We sell too many of these and have too good of a warranty to have a weak spot ;) Lee - the...
  5. Summer Roof Advice

    Oh my goodness, me too! Lee - the Bestop team
  6. Soft Top Purchase

    Happy to help! Let me know what works for you! Lee - the Bestop team
  7. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    I wish I had a discount to pass on to you but unfortunately right now I don't. We do offer military and first responder discounts through Customer Service though! Lee - the Bestop team
  8. Soft Top Purchase

    Hey @TJHUB You have a lot of great info here to sort through. I'll let you digest the purchase of your new Wrangler (Congrats!!), feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! Lee - the Bestop team
  9. Black twill duster and windjammer?

    Hey Trevor, I answered your question in the private message you sent. We have something coming very shortly that I think you will be interested in. Stay tuned! Lee - the Bestop team
  10. Soft doors

    I love our soft doors. I mean, I think they're one of the most fun products we offer and one of my favorites. They really embody what Jeeping is to me. They often get horrible reviews from people who aren't aware of the fact that they need some tweaking once on the vehicle or aren't aware of...
  11. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    :handsinair: AWW YEAHHH :handsinair: Lee - the Bestop team
  12. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    This is a comical mental image. Totally agree though, I've come closer to flipping over forward than I have to having my Sunrider close on me :) Lee - the Bestop team
  13. Gladiator Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey All, Bestop and Quadratec have teamed up to give away a Super-Rad customized Jeep Gladiator loaded with accessories from Bestop, Baja Designs, PRP Seats, Tuffy Security and more! No purchase is necessary, just hop on over to to enter. You can enter up to once per week to...
  14. repair/replace soft top frame

    Hey Darryl, is your soft top a factory top? If so you can check with your dealership for parts availability. We always have parts available for our tops. Lee - the Bestop team
  15. Soft top wont lock on one side - Sunrider or Closed Positions

    Glad you got it working. Sometimes when first installed (or put back on) it will need to be cycled up with a bit of authority to click, then should return to working normally. Reach out if you have any other issues. Lee - the Bestop team
  16. Pictures of Bestop soft top down?

    Hey @flipper, The top that we currently offer for the 2 door JL is the Trektop. This is a very cool top because it has the fastback style and when you zip off the 3 windows you're left with a bikini that has a Sunrider feature. The Trektop does not fold all the way back though, you would need...
  17. Bestop Sunrider issues

    Thanks for stepping in, @WranglerMan ! Glad you got it straightened out @Paulguy100 ! Lee - the Bestop team
  18. Sunrider and garage door.

    Great to hear!! Lee - the Bestop team
  19. Sunrider and garage door.

    Lee - the Bestop team
  20. Ragtop partially removed?

    Now you're livin'! Lee - the Bestop team