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  1. Will jl stuff fit on the 392?

    Awesome, I knew I could get some good answers off here.
  2. Will jl stuff fit on the 392?

    I’ve been reading through these threads and haven’t seen any confirmation on the jl stuff fitting the new 392’s. I probably just missed it. Anyways does anyone know if lifts , bumpers ect fit? Thanks.
  3. Bummed after soft top vandalized :/

    I hate a damn thief. I hope they slipped and broke there neck somewhere. Sad a man/woman works hard for there stuff just for someone to steal it. I’ve been lucky I reckon where I live. I go a lot without the top on and never had a issue evening leaving the Jeep topless. Obviously I leave...
  4. Harbor Frieght Winch

    I put the apex on my Tacoma used it 4 times so far. So far so good no complaints at all.
  5. Plug-In Hybrid Electric Wrangler Still on Track for 2020 Release Date

    I haven’t read through every comment ,but I seen a few ask what’s the point? So your electric bill goes up most power plants are either coal fired or natural gas so there goes “saving the environment”. How long it take to charge? What about fuel taxes that pay for roads ? Anything the government...
  6. Harbor Frieght Winch

    no sorry had it on a aftermarket bumper. The holes are the same pattern as a warn ect though.
  7. Free front drive shaft

    Please close
  8. Free front drive shaft

    Factory front drive shaft out of 2018 rubicon jl. I drive from Shreveport La to Pecos west Texas area down I20 once a month. Can meet off side of interstate.
  9. Change color of stitching on dash and steering wheel?

    sorry I just seen this. I had all of the red pulled out and new put in.
  10. Changing thread stitching color

    I talked to several people about doing and most said it’s not really worth it and super hard ect. I went to a different color katzkins sears and had them change out the sticking in dash doors and console it was a lot easier and cheaper just to have them do it when they did the seats.
  11. Switching parking sensors to new bumper?

    I haven’t dug any deeper into the issue.
  12. Cracked Windshield Club

    Can’t beat that!
  13. Have you ever noticed how many idiots there are?

    Yea I drive through there on the way to work. They have their fair share no doubt!
  14. worst gas mileage?

    Lol yes I got a Tacoma and a hellcat. The Tacoma gets drove mostly. I tried just the Jeep for awhile with out the truck I just need a truck bed for way to much stuff that I like to do.
  15. worst gas mileage?

    Running 75-80 on the interstate is probably a little worse than the 9mpg, but 9 is probably a all around average. It gets expensive on long trips for sure.
  16. worst gas mileage?

    I get about 9mpg running 44” tires
  17. What Fender Flares Should I get?

    I think I’m going to go with the nemesis. I like the look, cam someone educate me on what the skeletos are for?
  18. Found something new on the jeep 6 months later

    Ha dang I’ve had mine over a year thanks..,
  19. Window Tint Laws for your State

    Mine are 5%. Idk what Louisiana law is but not very dark. I take my chances. Inspection you just have to go to the right place.
  20. Cracked Windshield Club

    Holly crap! Just looked at windshields how much y’all paying for one?