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  1. Regearing 2.0?

    Did you get 8th gear back?
  2. Metal Cloak JLUR How much rake do you have?

    Fist things first - THAT is one sweet Jeep, I LOVE those wheels. My rake was 2" from BEHIND the front wheel at the body and IN FRONT of the rear wheels at the body. You could really see it walking up to in a parking lot. My big spare only added 11 lbs over the factory tire and wheel. As for the...
  3. 2018 Turbo + eTorque vs. 2021 Turbo

    Well MSRP is actually $1585.00 but you can now get it on sale for just over a grand! Jeep Wrangler Battery kit. Power pack unit. [48v belt starter generator] - 68381513AA | Myrtle Beach SC ( :like:
  4. Metal Cloak JLUR How much rake do you have?

    Just an update. The installer installed the wrong rear springs. With the correct springs it sits perfectly level now. This also made the twitchy highway speed steering MUCH, MUCH better.
  5. 2018 Turbo + eTorque vs. 2021 Turbo

    I ordered my 2021 with the Hurricane 4 cylinder motor specifically because it was the only way I could get it without the incredibly complex E-Torque system and its huge $1500.00 battery. I couldn't be happier with this motor. Even with stock 4.10's and 37" tires it is faster than my JK was with...
  6. Soft Top Purchase

    I 2nd the MYTop it has dramatically changed the entire Jeep Experience for the better. Now we can put it down or up any time in about 10 seconds.
  7. Opinions needed: Best frame mounted Rock Sliders that serve well for body protection and as a step?

    GREAT way to win a Darwin award AND Devastate your electrical system all at once! A Large short circuit like that can easily send a column of hydrogen gas out of the battery and cause a serious explosion. Awesome home made hydrogen bomb.
  8. Light location

    On a sketchy trail the more light the better. We have a cabin in that is 16 miles off of the nearest logging road. That trail can be sketchy at best sometimes, especially in rain or snow. Maybe the OP has a similar situation.
  9. Auto Alignment (DC NW Area)

    I talked to 4 wheel Parts in Glen Burnie, they said they do them in house. I go next Friday the 11th. HOPEFULLY I can get this fixed once and for all. I STILL can't believe ATO in Parkville sucks so bad.
  10. Auto Alignment (DC NW Area)

    Did you find a good shop? My Jeep pulls to the right and ATO Auto in Parkville who installed the lift does not know why.
  11. Need Opinions On Bumpers

    YIKES! It may be an optical illusion but your passenger side camber looks WAY out. :movember:
  12. Jeep started without key fob close by?

    Same here, I have tried it. I am getting the over roof tent and was wondering this so I put the key on the roof and it would not start.
  13. Gorilla Glass as good as we hope?

    $95.00 upgrade? Heck yes it is worth it... That windshield costs a grand.
  14. Aftermarket soft top recommendations?

    Without a doubt, MyTop.
  15. My simple audio build...

    Following this thread. You really do nice work, makes me want to upgrade mine. Bruce from Nemo was named after the animatronic shark in Jaws also named Bruce BTW....
  16. Flag recomendations

    I don't have the answer you are looking for, but what do you mount your flags to?
  17. New parts changing my mind

    So true. My other car is a 2013 Shelby GT500 Convertible. Having had everything from CJ7's with a V8 304 to this I can say THIS is the most powerful Jeep I have owned for sure.
  18. New parts changing my mind

    The power in these motors is MORE than adequate even with the 37" tires.
  19. I finally understand why people hate mall crawlers

    Actually me and my wife ordered this Jeep SPECIFICALLY so we could get a MyTop installed on it. It is the only thing like it, it does not sit low down on the ground like other convertibles, it is GREAT for cruising back roads or destination trips, it is fun to drive AND it is great off road, but...
  20. New parts changing my mind

    The steel bumper weighs considerably less than a full tank of gas.