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  1. Is it too much to ask?

    I know somebody that goes through 3 or 4 new vehicles a year and they request to be there when it gets off the truck and do exactly what you are requesting. It probably depends on the dealer.
  2. Spacer Leveling Kit rides very rough

    Did you add new shocks or shock extensions? My guess if you didn't you are hitting the limit of the shocks.
  3. Anyone park outside in the cold? No rhyme or reason as to whether or not the seat heater and heated steering wheel activate after a remote start.

    Not sure on the JL but on the KL it is a setting in Uconnect. Mine is set for 40 so when I remote start it if the temperature sensor determines it is 40 or below, I can set whether I want them to come on. I "think" I can also set the temperature but it has been a while since I looked at those...
  4. Jeep Build - Auto Insurance Coverage???

    Litebrite had a couple of videos on insuring modified vehicles and I think one of them was a discussion with an insurance agent. It should be one of these...
  5. Electrical Failure - incredibly frustrated

    LOL not trying to be mean, just wondering. You are right, a tow truck operator should definitely know about the transfer case and I would think the manual release. They are almost like Jeep dealers where you have to tell them how to fix the vehicle you sell if you want something done right.
  6. Where to move?

    Interested also. About 40 years ago Arizona was a great place to live then the inexpensive housing attracted all of the Californians and well Arizona is no longer the great place it used to be.
  7. Electrical Failure - incredibly frustrated

    I know you said this is your 5th Jeep and you have owned Jeeps for over 20 years, so why didn't you suggest putting the transfer case in neutral or using the manual park override? Either option would have taken less than 10 seconds and prevented soap abuse. #SLM
  8. Mopar front trail camera

    and requires the LED package. So that $595 add the camera option is an additional $3190. Not bad huh, $3785 to add the camera for those that don't want the 8.4 and LED lighting group. Awesome deal (for FCA) for probably a $50 part and some wire. I would go with something like this, however...
  9. Spied 2 Ford Broncos in Dillon, CO Today

    The buffoons from TFL captured them yesterday I think and have a video on Youtube.
  10. DEF Pump went out!

    Glad you are back up and running. Your situation speaks volumes about the dealer's ability to troubleshoot a problem.
  11. Warranty Questions.
  12. Warranty Questions.

    Do you have the limited slip differential (LSD)? There is a thread on those with a LSD having issues. 84 pages long. If this sounds like it may be it you might want to start reading nearer the end. This seems...
  13. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    I think this is the October guide just early as this is dated September 29th.
  14. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    LOL Never mind just adding the Hemi. Add a 60 in front also. I know that is what I would be thinking. Well at least the 60 since if you could convince them it would only hopefully be the difference in cost.
  15. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    Well since your erased the codes it probably wouldn't be worth it to take it in again unless it throws the code again as there is probably nothing for them to see. They will just tell you they couldn't find anything wrong unless you can reproduce the issue for them or it throws the code again.
  16. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    While the body is off have them throw in a hemi!
  17. Engine rear main seal oil leak

    I take it these are 3.6s?
  18. Optimum Gears?

    Good thing you don't drive a KL Cherokee. It has the elusive 9th gear that is never seen. Well once when I was doing over 100 I know it hit 9th. It has something like 4 ODs and even 8th is rarely seen unless I am doing 80 or more.
  19. Advice for ordering

    I guess there are many ways to look at it but if you are not going off road, I would order the sport S or may be Willys.
  20. Sahara Fuel Door

    From the latest 2021 order guide. Listed as standard equipment.