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  1. Pine tar... Now what?

    I've found Turpentine works well. It's actually made from pine wood and takes it off pretty good. I use it on my tents when they get sap on them. I'd try on a small inconspicuous spot first with whatever you use.
  2. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    This was a few days ago. I was playing at Five-Mile pass in Utah and the Tooele Army Depot was blowing stuff up. I'm assuming it's old munitions. It went on for quite a while. Here is a pic I took of it.
  3. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    I just did the same thing to my DRL lights yesterday :like:
  4. Hard Top Storage outside under a carport

    I live in Utah so it's probably different but I stored mine in the backyard on the ground for years. I just put one tarp on the ground and folded it up over the top and then put a tarp over the top and folded it down tucking it underneath the top. Everything was held down with bunjis. Would have...
  5. Utah 2019 JL Bumpers and Rock Rails (Gone)

    They are both Plastic. I'll add it to the original post.
  6. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I went to Vernon Reservoir in Utah.
  7. Who has found the best wipers ?

    I saw these the other day. It looks interesting. Of course there are many people trying to make the perfect "items" that never pan out. I got in on it just for fun. I'll let you know when I get them if they are any good. They are supposed to come out in June. Kimblade
  8. Why are Wrangler mirrors attached to the doors?

    It looked a little funny but was functional when I mounted them on the front fender flare on the passenger side on my JK. I got the idea from seeing it on a hot rod. This is the best pic I could find. One of the advantages is it showed me my blind spot on the passenger side really well. Not...
  9. Best Microfiber for Plastic Windows?

    Thanks for calling customer service so I didn't have to :like: Just ordered some of the creature ones too.
  10. Advanced Safety Group worth it? Excessive windshield replacement costs?

    Mine through Safelite was $601. That's in Utah and no re-calibration (they said they couldn't do it). I've had six rock chips but it hasn't broken again yet.
  11. Heated LED JL Headlight Kit?

    I have the Quadratec ones (made by JW Speakers). I've only been in one bad snowstorm and they worked great. When I got out, my off road lights had an inch of snow on them and the headlights were clear. Highly recommend them. My Jeep didn't come with LED's and the new lights would flash off for a...
  12. Utah 2019 JL Bumpers and Rock Rails (Gone)

    I replaced my plastic front and rear bumpers and my rock rails. I have the old ones I need to get rid of. The front bumper has the fog lights (non-LED), wiring and tow hooks (red). The rear bumper includes the stock spare tire carrier. The rock rails are the stock Rubicon ones. I have the...
  13. Third Brake Light extension cable with OEM connectors?

    I clearly read that wrong :facepalm:
  14. Third Brake Light extension cable with OEM connectors?

    Here's one: Click
  15. What does anybody know about these Dstrac axles?

    I'd love to try those portal axles but that's sure a lot of money....
  16. How much should I Expect for Windshield [Getting Repair Price Today]

    In Utah mine was $601 installed at Safelite. They didn't have the ability to recalibrate the adaptive cruise control so that didn't get done. I've never had a problem with it though.
  17. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    I've lived in northern Utah for most of my life and the one piece of advice I would give you is that four wheel drive helps you go but doesn't help you stop. Keep safe distances from the cars in front of you.
  18. Tazer and Emissions

    Just a FYI, I got the emissions done today and it went right through with no problems.
  19. Newbie to Jeep & The Forum

    Congrats on the new Jeep!