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  1. Electrical Connector through the roof

    I have nearly this exact setup.. Massive light bar, flood lights on the side, CB antenna, Solar panel and pass it all through the roof. I have everything minus solar hard wired (Solar has anderson plug inside the cabin) It wouldnt be difficult to simply add plugs on the wires inside the cabin...
  2. Fire wall entry for power and HD antenna wire

    I heard in our Aus spec jeeps, its behind the batteries. So pull them out and you'll find what you are looking for =)
  3. Please tell me I'm going to be happy with my purchase from AU

    Picture of my light set up for reference.
  4. Please tell me I'm going to be happy with my purchase from AU

    I have 3x stedi lights on my front bar. 1x 22" and 2x 8" on the corners.. For the price, they are pretty good quality. Though my main lightup on the roof rack is a Xray 1200 series Linear driving light While it is quite...
  5. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    Heres one that the boys over at solve offroad did a while ago. you'll see how its been replaced and moved.
  6. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    You can cut off the original one, bracket and all and chuck a new steering stabiliser thats mounted higher. Apparently pretty straight forward. Though im just going to get a shop to do it for me along with a heap of other things.
  7. 37's on a Export version Rubicon

    been following this thread and a little concerned at your reply here. I have the same kit installed and the bump stop extension is exactly that, an extension and not a replacement. As in you pull the factory bump stops out of the front, insert the extension and then re-insert the factory bump...
  8. Antenna size and mounts

    I have the same CB, Mounted in the same place except my magnetic holder is mounted vertically and only using the the included double sided tape. I didnt use any screws or anything and it holds perfect even on the extremely hot 40+ degree days. Been in for maybe a year and no signs of wanting...
  9. Mopar Lift kit question

    I'll do you one better, When i was at the LA motor show last year, I asked one of the guys at the mopar stand if it would work in the RHD models, he then called on the phone the head mopar engineer responsible for the lift kit and he also confirmed it would work fine for RHD models. =)
  10. Sport and Overland. Are the tow hooks rated for recovery?

    Where are these hooks located on the front and rear? I know on my Rubicon i have 2 hooks facing up ont he front bar and one hook under the bottom left of the rear bar sticking out. Not sure how the Aus specs sports are =/
  11. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    I barely just scrape through 2.2m car parks with 4x maxtrax xtreme boards on the roof. without the boards i could probably get in a 2.1m car park but no chance of 1.95. as for tyre rubbing, i had zero rubbing full lock turning right at stock height but had a tiny bit turning left.. though i...
  12. Winch installation and Warranty

    I used the warn winch plate. There are a couple of welded on nuts that get in the way.. Dont try and cut them off.. just get a long wrench and twist them off. takes 2 seconds. the rest goes on super easy.
  13. Auxiliary led lights on OEM steel bumper

    I went all stedi lights on my front bar.. The middle light bolts straight into the factory holes the ones on the end caps i drilled holes and put nutserts/rivnuts in. That said.. Im not a major fan of the Stedi lights when compared to the xray light up on the roof rack.. that thing is insane
  14. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    We live in Australia.... We have limited options locally available and shipping generally isnt cheap. Plus you cant beat the price for that lift considering it includes everything you need to get a decent lift out of the door.
  15. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    its listed for 2.5" once i add the second fuel tank and load up with gear.. it will probably hit closer to 2.5" im guessing.. still plenty to go into the jeep including heavier side rails and steel rear bar..
  16. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Here's a couple of shots of my before and after with the AEV 2.5" lift. I have photos of before an after with a tape measure front and back for anyone thats interested.. but its closer to 3.5" like has been said before
  17. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    starting with replacing the shocks with some rough country vertex shocks, which will be here end of the month or next month (waiting on stock) then new adjustable control arms, track bar, relocate steering stabiliser and go from there.. New rims and tyres will come hopefully before end of year. =)
  18. Recommended AT Tires for Victorian/ Melbournian Weather

    yeah i have the aev lift now.. currently looking to upgrade the suspension again already lol. Though i was running 295/70/17 at stock height with no issues apart from some minor rubbing on the front left wheel inner fender at full lock left.. but it was only just touching by a couple of mm
  19. Antenna size and mounts

    the gme xrs units have speakers in the main unit and the hand held device so you can get sound from both at the same time.
  20. Antenna size and mounts

    I mounted the actual CB unit under the passenger seat and the hand held radio part as posted above.