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  1. Big cities (NYC) Jeep Culture and some ugly mods

    growing up in city, it is more of a city mentality, avoid eye contact, say fewer words, avoid being overly friendly, dont hang around too long (and get mugged). you say hello to your neighbor more than once or twice a year, next thing they are asking you for sugar, always in rush. driving for...
  2. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    hauled some mulch for garden
  3. Do all JL rubicons come with Red tow hooks?

    392, some come in bronze/yellow/gold? [not sure what this color is]
  4. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    road trip for a range day... 🤘
  5. You might have a "mall crawler" if.....

    thats not too bad. i wouldnt mind having 4 of those for a different purpose. few weeks ago i was installing skid plates on my ATV, it was a pita to line up some lumber and get under the atv to install. it was a ghetto setup.
  6. How 'bout some Kudos for members that go well above & beyond to help us all!

    mods/admins most balanced/restrained i have seen compared to other forums.
  7. Fell in the love then had slight heart break

    That sucks, thats exactly why i drove a 1997 pos altima when i lived in urban areas. it got broken in, dinged, beatup more than a 2$ hooker. I would have never bought jeep if i still lived there. too bad ya cant have nice things in the hood.
  8. Hunting with Jeep pics

    unfortunately i dont have any pics either, i am looking to get a game hitch hoist & carrier to help out during season. they will come in handy for field dressing and/or for processing.
  9. 8 Foot Lumber? No Roof, No Problem!!

    looks like a death trap. gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    that setup looks great. to secure the top and a bit more peace of mind, you may wanna consider using Ratchet Strap with a S Hook, just in case of no 'accidental' slippage or knock/bump by some one. something like this
  11. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    at highway speeds, can become unbearable. i throw a bunch of these Ear Plugs in my jeep, use em if the top is off.
  12. Hunting with Jeep pics

    Post up pics of places you have taken your jeep off-roading for hunting (some of the places are tough to get to without a proper off-roading vehicle) Any specific mods that suit for hunting, loading, hauling etc.
  13. Firearm and knife collectors

    one of my favorites. its a big boy.
  14. It's a Jeep, not a "car".

    never heard someone calling their jeep as 'the unit' :LOL:
  15. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    working around the house, needed some gas. went to gas station. returned home, checked mail. nothing spectacular.
  16. Post your JEEPs in the NYC area (locations for pictures)

    i lived in coney for 14 years, brings back memories. L&B Spumoni Gardens, best sicilian pizza in brooklyn. Hopefully i can take a drive out there this summer.
  17. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    I am always amazed at those 18 wheelers maneuvering around the town in NYC, and no spotters either LOL. Gotta be panic inducing with all those restless drivers around (one of the most aggressive drivers in the country).
  18. It's a Jeep, not a "car".

    wait, its not a car?
  19. No doors/roof in summer

    wife beater, shorts & flipflops. if its past 100, no shirt. nothing beats breeze of air on my 6 pack and schweddy balls.